How to Promote a Handyman Services

How to Promote a Handyman Services

If you’re a Mr. or Miss Fix-It kind of person who is looking for ways to promote your business to the local community, don’t overlook inexpensive but proven ways of getting the word out. Many homeowners are looking for a trustworthy person who can offer the type of services you are prepared to deliver. Often, potential clients don’t know where to look, except the yellow pages of the telephone directory, which can be out of date.

Start with a simple business card. You can have up to 1,000 printed online or at the local business supply store for $10 or $20. When you visit local establishments like the supermarket or dry cleaner’s, ask if you can leave a few cards on the service counter for interested customers. Carry several cards with you, and when the subject comes up during conversations with strangers in the bank line or video store, pull out a card for handy reference.

Advertise in the neighborhood newspaper.

An urban paper may cost more than you care to spend for an ad of this type, but small papers can publish friendly ads at low cost, or in some cases, for an exchange of services with the editor. Target your market audience so that your ad will appeal to those most likely to contact you. For example, if your niche is to offer prompt service, use a logo, title, or buzzwords that reinforce speedy work.

Post a Website.

The Internet is increasingly becoming the source of choice for people in search of a product or service. Learn how to make your own site or pay a high school student to do it for you. Use simple language, small paragraphs for easy reading, and bolded phrases that you wish to emphasize concerning cost, quality, or speed. Maintain your site by updating it every month or two to keep the information current. If you include satisfied customer testimonials, get their written permission if you have solicited this information for advertising purposes.

Market yourself.

Research shows that customers typically buy a person, not the product being sold. That is, people relate to faces, names, and biographies that help them to identify a product or service, especially if that person lives in their community or offers something they can relate to, such as middle-class values or blue-collar roots. Post a friendly attractive photo of yourself on the Website and include it in other marketing materials. Be sure that your contact information, like a telephone number and email address, is current.

Offer freebies.

People love a bargain or, better yet, getting something for nothing. Publish a ten percent off coupon for those who call within 15 days of the ad’s publication in the newspaper. Or invest in a manufacturer’s supply of whisk brooms and give one to each customer that enlists your services by a certain date. You may want to give repeat customers, or those who pay within 30 days, a reduced fee.

Start a newsletter.

This is a great way to keep your company’s name before current and potential customers on a regular basis. Publish monthly or quarterly as an online ezine or a print mailer that offers free service tips that people can do for themselves, or better yet, maybe willing to call you for. Build a reputation as the handy guy with friendly suggestions that makes for a safer home and a better community.

It doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to promote your name, face, and product. Start small but dream big, and soon you’ll enjoy the trust and custom of your neighbors and friends.

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