How to prevent rust in your grill

How to prevent rust in your grill

With the grilling season approaching more people will be using their grills. A common problem with some grills is that the grate on the inside of the grill may have accumulated rust during the cold winter months. There is nothing grosser than having rust on your burgers or hot dogs.

The fact is that if you leave your grill outside during the cold winter months you will end up with condensation on the inside of your grill and that in turn rusts not only the inner shell but the grate as well.

There are several things that you can do to prevent your grill from rusting while it sits dormant in the months that you are not using it.

One thing that you can do is to paint your grill with rust proof paint. You can only paint the outside of your grill and not the grate. This can be unsafe because most paints are not made for extreme heat like you would be exposing it to. Most grill manufacturers do not even paint the inside of the grill top because the paint could possibly chip off and fall into your food.

When you’ve finished using your grill for the night clean the bars with a wire grill brush. This will get all the grease from your cooking off of the bars and also will prevent the bars from getting a build-up that would probably eventually lead to rusty bars. It is natural for your grate to turn a black color because this is considered a natural seasoning process but you must degrease it after or before each use to ensure that they don’t rust. You can clean the bars with boiling water if you should choose that method.

When you clean the bars you must heat up the grill if you haven’t already. If you don’t have a wire brush handy then you can use a wadded up piece of tinfoil. This can get a little hot on your hands because of the heat from the grill.

Another method that you can use is spraying cooking oil on the bars. You must remember not to spray the cooking oil on the grill while it’s lit because you can cause flair up and burn yourself in the process.

When you first purchase your grill it is a good idea to season your grate before your first use. Before even seasoning, the bars make sure you wash the grate with soap and water. Make sure you don’t let it drip dry and wash off the grate with hot water.

Dry the grate with a paper towel. After you’ve washed and dried your grate then take vegetable oil and spread it on with a paper towel. Be sure to get the entire grate evenly. After you’ve done that then preheat your grill for 15 minutes then place your grates on the grill and let it sit for one hour. You must make sure your settings are on medium otherwise it will cook it too hot. After an hour then turn off the grill and let it cool down.

Another preventative method is to cover your grill each time you are not using it. This will prevent moisture from getting into your grill plus it will prevent small animals or insects from finding their way inside of the grill.

Each year you must make sure that you ready your grill for each season. This includes getting it ready for the grilling season and also entails storing your grill for the winter. The key to preventing rust is to make sure you maintain your grill each and every time you use it then give it a good cleaning before and after grilling season.

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