How to prevent eyeshadow from fading

How to prevent eyeshadow from fading

The popularity of certain eye shadow colors varies as fashion changes with the seasons. No matter what the current eye shadow style may be, many women have trouble with bright shades of eye shadow. These shades can be difficult to apply in a stylish manner, but they also tend to fade quickly or crease into the corner of the eye.

Faded eye makeup isn’t necessarily a fashion no-no (often, people won’t notice that the makeup has faded), but it can be a disappointment to someone who spent a lot of time trying to achieve a certain look.

Is there any way to keep eye shadow from fading and creasing in the corner of the eye? While everyone has variations in skin tone and texture, there are several tips and tricks of the trade to try before completely giving up on bright eye shadow.

Keep the skin around your eyes, as well as the rest of the skin on your face, well moisturized. Skin that is full of moisture will hold shadow better, as dry skin provides little adhesive for the shadow. Try using a moisturizer with a built-in SPF level, as sunscreen prevents premature wrinkling around the eyes. Premature wrinkling can be another culprit of fading eye shadow.

Remember that there is a distinction between moisturized skin and oily skin. If your skin is too oily, chances are your shadow will fade quickly. One of the best tricks to keeping eye shadow bright and intact is to apply foundation over the entire eyelid and brow bone area.

Make sure that you use an oil-free foundation, which can be found with the cosmetics in any beauty supply store. Follow up the foundation application by brushing on pressed face powder with a powder brush or blush brush. Foundation and powder provide a perfect canvas for applying eye shadow.

Another great trick to keeping bright eye shadow from fading is doubling upon application. If you can find the shade of your choice in both a powder and cream form, you are in luck. First, apply the cream shadow to the area of your choice and let it completely dry. You should keep your eyes closed while the cream shadow dries, as opening your eyes will allow it to cake into the corner of your eye.

Once the cream shadow has dried, sweep the powder eyes shadow over the same area. You can even experiment by using two different colors, one in cream and one in powder.

Depending on how the cream and powder technique works for you, you can adjust the amount of shadow you apply: if it looks too thick, try using less powder. If the color still fades, try using more of both the cream and the powder.

Another makeup trick to keeping eye shadow from fading has nothing to do with the eye shadow itself. Eye makeup can frequently look like it has faded when it actually hasn’t.

What is the problem? Dark under-eye circles, which can contribute to a tired-looking eye and can detract from the intensity of the eye shadow.

Use an under-eye concealer underneath your foundation and pressed powder in order to make your eyes stand out and not look tired.

Use an under-eye
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