How to prevent cold and flu

How to prevent cold and flu

The flu can be devastating to your family, causing missed work and school and long weeks of misery as it gets passed back and forth between members of the family. Once you finally think it is gone, someone else comes down with it again and the whole cycle repeats itself.

There are some ways to protect your family against the flu, one of the most obvious being the flu vaccination. Elderly people especially should always receive a flu vaccination and children can be vaccinated from 6 months and older. Once you have your family vaccinated, or if you choose not to, there are still many things you can do to prevent the flu from coming to your house.

One of the keys to protecting yourself from any illness is to keep your body strong and in good health. Be sure to get plenty of vitamin C, fluids and exercise. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, don’t let yourself get fatigued, you’ll be a prime target for the flu. It’s a good idea to start taking a vitamin supplement or take in extra vitamin rich foods during flu season to help shore up your reserves.

Another key to keeping the flu away is cleanliness. Wash your hands frequently with warm water and soap, especially after going grocery shopping or to the office where many hands have touched things that you have touched or used.

A person does not have to be sick with the flu in order to spread the virus. It may seem a bit extreme, but you may even consider wiping down cans and containers you bring home from the grocery store during flu season and always clean the tops of cans or bottles you may drink from.

Crowded places should be avoided at all costs during the flu season, especially places with inadequate ventilation. If you limit your exposure to other people, you limit your exposure to the flu.

Crowded places

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