How to preserve video games

How to preserve video games

In order to understand how to properly treat and care for video games you must first be able to recognize what type method it is stored with. After you have done this you can fully understand how to clean it, and store it to keep it in great shape.

There are two main types of game media, cartridges, and compact discs. Cartridges look like blocks and are the types of games that come with all Nintendo products. Compact discs come with Sega Saturn, Sony Playstation, and Sega Dreamcast systems, they are similar looking to musical CDs. To clean either kind rubbing alcohol should be used.

To clean a cartridge, find the side that you plug into the main “console.” After you have found this you should notice that there is something similar to an electronic board on that end. Using a cotton swab, dabbed in rubbing alcohol, you simply clean this surface. After you have wiped it down with rubbing alcohol allow ample time to dry. Cleaning a cartridge is as easy as that. Cartridges should be cared for carefully; all newer systems have a protective case you can buy to keep them safe from dust. Older system cartridges, such as those from an Atari 2600, can sometimes be kept in these same carrying devices. The important thing is to keep them somewhere where dust can not get.

Cleaning a compact disc is relatively easy, simply wipe it down with a soft terry cloth, dampened with water or rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the compact disc or you may ruin the game. Cds can be stored in jewel cases, those that regular music CDs come in. These can be purchased at a local convenience store inexpensively.

Properly caring for games can ensure a long life of enjoyment, by taking these simple steps you can start to preserve your games for good. Games never change, newer systems come out but there are still the classics and they are still the same. By protecting your system and games, you are ensuring a link to the past that will always be there.

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