How to Prepare a Speech Effectively: in 8 Steps

How to Prepare a Speech Effectively: in 8 Steps

I don’t know what’s worse, preparing the speech or giving it. But what I do know is that behind every great speech, is a great writer. The following steps will guide you to preparing and writing your own “great” speech.

1 Select a Topic

come up with several topics and choose the best one

2 Determine the Specific Purpose and Write a Thesis Statement

What is your purpose? Is it to inform, describe, demonstrate, show, explain, give insight, educate, ease pain, or support a cause? Is it to persuade, convince, prove, petition, change, stress, or motivate? Or is it to merely entertain and make someone laugh? Do you have a power statement?

3 Analyze the Audience and the Occasion

a. Audience: What do they know about the topic? What interest do they have in the topic? What is their attitude towards your chosen topic?
b. Occasion – What is the reason for the deliverance of the speech?

4 Find the Material to be spoken

Is it something you already know about? Is it something that you have to research? Do you need to interview anyone?

5 Organize the Speech

a. Attention – you need to find an attention grabber
b. Goodwill – you want to leave the audience with a feeling of benevolence
c. Motivation – motivate to action

6 Word the Speech

Prepare an outline and then fill in the outline. Try to follow one train of thought.

7 Practice the Delivery

Try to have the speech memorized in your head, but do not speak as though it were memorized. You want to be able to sound as though you are having a conversation with the audience.

8 Deliver the Speech

If you find that talking in front of people without props causes you to hyperventilate, consider preparing props that reflect your speech.

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