How to play yahtzee

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Yahtzee is a great game to play with family or friends. While the luck of the roll of the dice plays a big part in the game, there is also a lot of strategy involved that can help you win more often than not. Here are 5 steps to help
you win:

1.) Go for high point totals early in the game. If you roll a pair of “ones” or “twos” to start the game, try for a full house, straight, or go for one of the other high numbers you rolled. Rolling three or four “ones” or “twos” after your third roll doesn’t do much good for you early in the game. Plus, if you need to take a zero for some reason later in the game, it makes sense to take it in your “ones” or “twos” column than it does in one of your higher point columns. You can always make up for that loss in the upper half later in one of the other upper-half columns.

2.) If you get four of a kind with “fours,” “fives,” or “sixes,” take the points in the upper half if you haven’t already, not in your four-of-a-kind column. It will help you get your bonus of 35 points at the end of the game for having a total higher than 63 on the upper half and allow you to take a zero in your “ones” column if necessary later in the game.

3.) If you roll a “two,” “three,” “four,” and “five” with four of your five dice on the first roll, and the fifth die was not a “one” or a “six,” go for a large straight. You have two chances with each roll to get a large straight (a “one” or a “six”). Don’t underestimate the importance of getting your large straight. It’s only 10 points below a Yahtzee.

4.) Should you ever try to get a Yahtzee early in the game? Absolutely! If you roll three-of-a-kind or four-of-a-kind on your first or second roll, and you have the corresponding upper half column (or three-of-a-kind column) to fall back on, go for it! That’s also one reason to save your “ones” column. When you go for a Yahtzee, you can take a zero in your “ones” column if you don’t get it without losing much. Then all you need is to get four of a kind in just one of your other upper-half columns to make up for it.

5.) Save your “chance” for as long as you can. Your “chance” column can be used anytime during the game, no matter what you roll. It’s nice to have that to fall back on if you don’t get the straight or Yahtzee that you were attempting to get.

There are many different strategies you can use during the game, depending on the situation before each turn. These are some basic strategies that you can plan to use before the game starts that can help you win.

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