How to play solitaire

How to play solitaire

Every now and then, in most everyone’s life, there comes a time when we find ourselves alone and bored. If you feel like exercising your mind as well as trying out your luck, you can learn how to play the game of Solitaire.

To play the standard version of Solitaire, a card game, you will need a deck of fifty-two playing cards and a table or other flat surface to play on. The deck will consist of thirteen hearts, thirteen diamonds, thirteen spades, and thirteen clubs. Each suite will consist of an ace, a king, a queen, a jack, being face cards. Then, each suite has a card starting at ten and going down to a two or deuce.

Shuffle the deck well, especially if it is a new deck that is unsorted. Then, you are ready to begin the game by dealing with one card straight up. Place it at the beginning of an imaginary line and continue by placing six more playing cards, all placed face down, and placed beside the first card and continuing across. Now, continue on to the second card in the row and place the next card off of the deck face upon it.

Now, place a card face down in each of the card piles starting at the third card and continuing across the same way. Then, follow with the fourth card and so on, by placing a card face-up on the first down card in the row. Down card means a card that does not already have a card placed face-up on top of it. Then, place a card face down on each of the remaining piles of down cards. You will need to continue this until you have seven rows of cards laid out.

Now that you have your playing board set up, you can begin to play the game of Solitaire. Hold the remaining deck of cards face down in your hand. Deal the first three cards off of the top, and, keeping them together, turn the cards over so you can see the third card in the deck. The object of the game is to use all of the cards in the deck by playing them. In order to play them, you must place each one on a pile of cards in alternative colors and in numerical order from the highest to the lowest.

This means that you must play a red card on a black card, or a black card on a red card, and you must play a seven, for example, on an eight. Specifically, you must play a red seven on a black eight, for example. Any aces that are turned up are placed above the playing board and are built upon from the lowest to the highest. An ace counts as one, so you need to play a two, three, four, and so on on the aces piles.

You can also move entire piles of cards from one stack the the next. For example, if you have a pile of cards such as, red five, black four, red three, and black two, you can pick this pile up and place it on a pile that begins with a black six. THen, you turn the top card from the pile of cards that you just moved from, over, and continue to play on that pile too, until there are no more cards left.

The game continues on until you cannot find any more moves to make. That means that the cards you have left in the deck cannot be played anywhere, no more piles or single playing cards can be moved on the board, and the aces that you have placed in a line above the board cannot be played on either. On the other hand, if you can play the cards until they all end up on the aces, then you have won!

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