How to Play Golf

Golf seems to be very simple, just swing a golf club and hit the hole. In fact, it is not so easy. If you want to play golf well, you have to work hard. Today’s fresh graduate net editor has prepared how to play Golf skills, I hope you like it.

How to Swing a Golf Club

Tip1: Practice putting (putting) with coins

If your short putts aren’t quite accurate, it’s going to take some work. One of the most famous exercises is placing a coin as a target, which is a great help in improving concentration and targeting. Another commonly used method is to place a coin at one step, place 5 coins in a straight line, and then at two, three, and so on. Missed one? Sorry, you have to start over. Also, don’t increase the distance until you can get the ball to roll over five coins. Unless you’re already playing on the court, you should practice this method well.

Tip2: Imagine pulling the rope down (swing)

A slice shot is usually caused by a crosscut from the upper right to the lower left during the downswing, which makes the ball spin from the left to the right to form an outward curve. To get a feel for the correct swing path, imagine a rope tied to a tree above your hand and hold your hand. From the top of the swing, feel yourself pulling the rope straight down. This ensures that the right elbow is close to the right side of the body, and also allows your shot to form the correct inside path, improving the ability to hit the target swing, rather than cutting on the ball.

Tip3: Put a basketball between your knees (standing position)

Many golfers point their left knee vacantly to the right on their backswing, which causes the shoulders to drop and causes the hips to swing and rotate too much. Try this: Imagine you’re holding a basketball between your knees (if you’re on the practice range, you can try it with the hoop tucked in) and you’ll be amazed by the swing.

Tip4: Thumb pointing to the sky (swing)

Here’s a great example: On the backswing, when you lift the club to waist height, you should see your thumb pointing skyward. Here’s another exercise: Imagine holding the bar with the gesture of a handshake, with your palms pointing parallel, neither up nor down. These simple ideas can guarantee the right shot.

Tip5: Pause at the top of the swing (swing)

Swinging too fast is the most common mistake. This is not to say that you don’t have to work hard and increase your speed, but you need to maintain a rhythm, which is more appropriate. The best way to do this is to have a slight backswing to the top of the swing. Pause, then change direction and start your downswing. Do this and you’ll find that the ball is always in the middle of the fairway.

Tip6: Eyes on the coin (putting)

Frustrated with putting? Here’s a simple practice method to reduce the chance of making mistakes. Place the ball on a coin and keep your eyes on the coin throughout the swing. In order to avoid looking at the ball after you push it out, especially for a short putt, you just need to look at the coin. If you look at the ball, it will cause your head and shoulders to turn. Unable to maintain balance.

Tip7: Use the club face as a mirror (bunker ball)

One key to getting out of the bunker is keeping the clubface open. If you close the face, you’ll be hitting the ball low and possibly digging the clubhead deep into the sand. Here’s a trick to avoid them: Think of the clubface as a mirror, and you’re ready to see your own shadow on the clubface when you finish your shot. This ensures that the clubhead is eye-level after your swing, and it keeps the face open throughout your swing.

Tip8: Grip the club correctly to avoid right bend (grip)

There are many factors that cause a slice, the most common being the grip that causes this trouble. Here’s how to fix it: At address, make sure you look down and you can see the first two knuckles of your left-hand fingers, forming a “V” between your thumb and index finger, and pointing towards your left shoulder. For the right hand, just let the “V” point towards your chin, or slightly towards your right shoulder.

Tip9: Imagine a gun rake (putter) behind the hole cup

If you’re not careful, putting the ball three steps away can also interfere with you. At this point, you’d better imagine there’s a gun rake behind the hole cup. This encourages you to accelerate the ball into the hole smoothly and ensures that the path of the clubface is directed towards the target.

Tip10: Shoulders are under the chin (swing)

Do you often hit the header or “thin”?Try to get into the habit of keeping your right shoulder under your chin before you look for where the ball is going. This is not to say that the head can never be raised, the head can be moved, but it must be carried by the shoulders after hitting the ball. Do this right and you can hit almost all of your balls well.

Golf courses are generally covered with a large number of green plants. The oxygen content in the air is high and the air is fresh. For office workers who have lived in the city for a long time, it is undoubtedly a good opportunity to detoxify.

On the golf course, you can play the ball while breathing fresh air, feel the beauty of nature, and enjoy such a harmonious blend of sports and tranquility, so many people think that golf is an environmentally friendly and healthy sport. On the grass, looking at the surrounding scenery, how can this be a word of enjoyment. In such an environment, it is easy to open up one’s mind and body, and exercise, is also very good for personal health.

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