How to Play Euchre

How to Play Euchre

What is Euchre?

Euchre is the direct predecessor to Five Hundred. It is a card player’s favorite in the North Eastern region of the United States. It was developed by the Pennsylvania Dutch farm communities and has farm references in it, which were familiar to its creators. Briefly, Euchre is usually played using the upper most valued 32 cards.

What is needed to play Euchre?

A Euchre deck is created from a normal deck of 52 cards in the following manner. You will discard all twos through sixes in the deck leaving a 32 card Euchre deck. You may play with 3 to 7 players dependent on the variation of the game you choose. The four-player game is our example so you can develop a feel for the game. Here’s a description of the cards and their characteristics:

A certain suit is called Trump. A Trump card is a card in the trump suit, held back for winning a trick. It is a more powerful suit of cards in the game and the higher the trump card the more its power. The trump cards don’t proceed naturally in descending order of value or power. The right jack is the highest in power; the left jack the next. Next follow the ace, king, queen, ten, nine, eight and seven and as you can see, these do follow a natural descending order. This is their strength from greatest to least.

Dealing a Euchre hand.

Each player is dealt five cards in a group of 2 and a group of 3 next or vice versa. The last card is turned up on the table in front of everyone. This card will determine the trump suit if a player accepts it as the trump. If not, other players suggest a suit and go from there till one is accepted.


The lead card is played and to the left each person lays a card in suit down if able or another card. Highest card takes the hand. Trump cards are always highest. Dealer leads with the first card played. Five tricks to a hand from five cards and the first to score 5 wins. This assumes team play with a total of four players.

1 point for winning 3-4 tricks and 2 points for March, which is the winning of all 5 tricks. The opposition should try to prevent the 3 tricks from being won by the opponent so they don’t score. A new deal comes right away if a card that should be face down is turned up or if a player is found to have the wrong number of cards. If you play out of suit when able to play in a suit, your opponents get 2 points.

Other versions of Euchre.

If three play at Euchre, each player is against the other two and this form of the game has also been known as Cutthroat. When four through six play each for themselves this is also called Cutthroat or Cutthroat Euchre. This is also called Call Ace Euchre because the holder of the ace of the suit called trump is the trump suit creator’s (maker’s) partner. This must not be revealed.

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