How to Play Cricket?

How to Play Cricket?

You have undoubtedly heard of crickets– the insects that are known for their chirping sounds. But, have you ever heard of the game called Cricket? Its’ a popular game which is played in England and in other Commonwealth areas. The way the game is played is much like the game of Baseball.

Cricket is much like any other competitive sport in that it is played with two teams. Each team consists of eleven players who wear uniforms. The uniforms consist of a shirt, pants, cap and spiked shoes. The batsmen wear protective gloves, helmet, and pads in order to avoid injury if they are struck by the ball.

The game of Cricket requires much the same equipment as Baseball does. The ball is much like a baseball except that it’s covered in heavy leather. The bat is flat on the one side and curved on the other side. It has a strong handle attached to it. It is about three feet long and is about four inches across.

The playing field is covered with grass, and ranges in size from up to one hundred and sixty yards across. Much like the game of Baseball, in the center of the field is a patch of earth which is called the pitch. One thing that you will see on a Cricket field that you won’t see on a Baseball field are two wooden wickets. Wickets are composed of wooden posts with pieces of wood laid over the top.

To play the game of Cricket, two players stand at each wicket at the same time. These players are called batsmen. The person who throws the ball is called the pitcher in Baseball, but the person who throws the ball in the game of Cricket is called the bowler. The bowler takes a few quick steps before he bowls the ball to the batsmen, releasing it with a stiff arm.

The batsmen then use his bat in order to hit the ball and knock it into the playing field. Runs, again, much like the game of Baseball, are scored when a batsman hits the ball and then trades places with the other batsman. Every time this trading happens, it counts as one run. The maximum amount of runs allowed from each hit totals six.

This sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Well, there is basically a little more to it. And that is–if the bowler hits the wicket with the ball and knocks the top piece off, then the batsman is counted as being out. So, the batsman must be on guard not to let the bowler hit the wickets with the ball.

Or, if the struck ball is caught by anyone of the fielders before it hits the ground, as in the game of Baseball, then he is considered to be out. The difference between Baseball and Cricket here is that in the game of Cricket, the fielder do not wear any sort of gloves in order to help them catch the ball.

The statistics of a Cricket game are kept as they are in Baseball, and the score is counted as the total number of runs made by each team.

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