How to play and win at uno

How to play and win at uno

The game of Uno can be enjoyed for hours at a time with family and friends, but it’s always more fun when you’re not stuck holding half of the deck in your hand after each round. Here are four strategies to help you win Uno.

1.) If you are dealt any “Draw-Four” wild cards, get rid of them as soon as possible. Since you can discard the “Draw-Four” wild only when you have no other card that can be played, you need to discard it at every opportunity possible. Each one you have in your hand at the end of the round will cost you 50 points.

2.) Discard 20-point cards whenever possible, but use a little more strategy when deciding whether to discard a “Draw-Two,” “Reverse,” or “Skip.” You need to be concerned with the number of cards each of your opponents has left. If the person after you has one card left, hit him with a “Draw-Two.” The more cards your opponents have, the better your chance of going out first. If the person two seats after you has one card left, a “Reverse” is obviously better than a “Skip” (since a skip would skip the person next to you and go right to the person with one card left) or a “Draw-Two” (since the person after you drawing two wouldn’t actually get a turn other than to draw).

3.) Keep the non-draw four wild cards as long as you can. They will cost you 50 points, too, if you’re stuck holding them, so don’t hang on if someone is down to one card. But you want to hang onto them as long as possible because they are the true wild cards – they can be used whenever you want, no matter what else is in your
hand or what card the player before you just played.

4.) When discarding number cards, you want to discard the highest number you can each time, unless you have a large number of cards that match the color just played. For example, if you have five yellow cards that total 20 points and one red #9, and a yellow #9 was just played, play your highest yellow card, even if it’s less than 9. The color being played may not still be yellow when it’s your turn again, but the chances are better that it will be than if you had discarded your red #9.

These strategies won’t help you win every time, since the game also depends on the number of players playing, the colors in your hand, the number of times you may be skipped, etc. But they should help you more times than not to stay in contention throughout the game.

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