How to plan and give herbal workshops

herbal workshops

An herbal workshop can be fun but it takes lots of planning. Anyone who knows about herbs and wants to share that knowledge can have a workshop. First of all you need to decide if you will do it by yourself or will you get a friend to help you. Maybe you have a friend who has an interest in herbs as you do. Get together with that friend and start discussing all the possibilities of who, what, when, where and how. If you are doing it alone, then sit down and write out all of your ideas on paper. Either way, you should write all your ideas down and you can always narrow it down as you go.

First of all you will need to figure out what the workshop will be about. Do you want to do a workshop on culinary herbs, growing herbs, making herbal jelly or what exactly? Do research on your topic. A workshop usually has the participants do something themselves. Sometimes they will just watch a demonstration. Keep writing all your ideas down on paper.

You will need a place to have a workshop. Do you have a house big enough for demonstrations of some kind? Is your home able to accommodate several people easily? A porch, a patio, or just about anywhere will do to host a workshop. It is a good idea to have living herbs to show your workshop participants. An herb garden will let them know just how much you love and enjoy herbs. They will be asking lots of questions about those herbs, so be sure you are prepared for that.

Maybe you have a large herb garden. Have a garden walk as part of the workshop. Many people love to see other people’s gardens and they will have lots of questions from how to grow them on how to use them. You must be knowledgeable about your subject in order to host a workshop. You don’t have to know it all, as it is a possibility that many of your participants will know more than you do. That’s okay. Don’t pretend to know it all, even if you do. Just have fun with it. Having fun is what people want, as well as learning something.

How many people will attend? That number is up to you and will be decided by how large a space you have and just what the workshop is about. Each kind of workshop could be different. It is best to set a minimum and a maximum number of people. I have done workshops with a minimum of 5, so it makes it worth my time and energy. The maximum will depend on how many people you can deal with at a comfortable level. Food, supplies and materials will be things to take into consideration.

The price of a workshop is about the hardest thing to decide but it is a necessary thing. You are having workshops to make money, partly. Most of it will be to have a good time and to make new friends. But money is an issue you will have to deal with. Look on the Internet or read in local papers where workshops may be advertised and see what range they are being priced at. The price will depend on the length of the workshop, the place where you have it, and most of all what is included in the workshop.

You want to cover your expenses and then some. Your expenses may be handouts, food, materials, etc. You may decide on a fancy culinary luncheon to be included in the workshop. If you have to rent tables then this will add to your expenses. Most workshops are around $50.00. Some workshops are less expensive and some are up to several hundred dollars. It all depends on the workshop. Usually, people who host workshops tend to charge too little. So think carefully about the pricing of your workshop. Will you take cash, checks, or charge cards? When is the deadline for payment so you can hold their space?

Decide on the length of the workshop. You want to have enough time to do all the things that you state will be included in the workshop. Workshops range from two hours to two days. So, it depends again on what kind of workshop you will be having. The date of your workshop can be on a weekday or a weekend. Your schedule is the main think to consider. There are people who will want it during the week and others will want it on the weekend. You cannot please everyone. Weekends are usually best for most workshops, as this is when most people are free.

Now you have decided on the details of who, what, when, and where. Now you need to figure out how. The how includes questions like, how will you let people know about your workshop? A brochure made up by hand or on the computer is a nice way to advertise. Advertise at garden clubs, garden centers, and libraries. Email all your friends and ask them to email their friends. Put up a brochure at work. Put flyers or brochures all around town, but always ask permission first. Brochures will not cost much to make up yourself. They should look professional and appropriate for the workshop. In other words, for an herbal workshop, give the flyer or brochure a nature theme. There are computer programs that will help you make up a very nice-looking brochure.

You can purchase brochure paper that has pre-fold marks at any office supply. Use your imagination and make up a brochure that will get people’s attention. In that brochure be sure to include the date, time, and address of the workshop. Always give your workshop a title. Give directions, a contact name, and number and what will be included in the workshop.

People want to know they are getting their money’s worth. If you are having a luncheon, be sure, and include the menu. Include the price of the workshop. Be sure and put out announcements in plenty of time for people to make plans and to RSVP. Also, you want to have enough time to get yourself and all the materials together. One month is usually about the right amount of time needed. Too far in advance and people will forget about it.

After you begin receiving reservations for your workshop it is okay to follow up with an email or phone call as the time nears. Send out reminders and/or statements stating that you are looking forward to seeing them at your workshop. You are inviting people to your home and you want them to return, so be a good host and be friendly. Greet them when they show up and walk them out when they leave. Let them know how nice it was to have them attend your workshop. Make it fun and make them laugh.

When it is time for the workshop to begin, greet people with something to drink such as herbal tea or something special made with herbs, such as Herbal Hibiscus Sangria. It may be a good idea to have name tags for everyone and also a sign-in sheet. On the sign-in sheet, they can put their email address and/or shone number and address. This is so you can notify them about future workshops. As each person arrives be sure to introduce yourself and anyone else who is involved in hosting the workshop. After everyone has arrived welcome them and let them know how the day will go. Tell them a little bit about how you got involved with herbs and any information that may be of interest to them. Also let everyone know where the bathroom is.

The workshop will need to be presented in sections. For instance, first, you may want to take a garden walk. Encourage the participants to touch, taste and smell the aromas of the herbs. Encourage them to ask questions about the herbs. Following the garden walk, you will return to have the herb demonstration on whatever your workshop may be about. Discuss safety rules, if any. Include some handouts for them to take home. You will want everything to be ready and in place, prior to the workshop. Be sure you have plenty of materials and supplies. Be organized and go step by step. Speak loud enough for everyone to hear you. You may want to label any products that you use. Put some finished products on display.

Tips to Remember Think things through before hosting an event such as a workshop. You need to know who, what, when, where, and how. If you have attended workshops yourself, then use them as guides, but don’t copy them. Make your workshop special by adding little touches that make people want to return for more.

Be sure and charge enough but don’t charge too much. Remember that you will get about 10% attendance for the number of announcements you send out. For instance, if you send out 100 announcements you may get 10 people to attend. You may get more, or you may get less. People love food. Always have food and drink at a workshop. Relax and have fun! Start planning your next workshop, because planning is part of the fun!

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