How to plan an anniversary celebration

 How to plan an anniversary celebration

Celebrating an anniversary holds meaning for the person, the event, and those who share the special occasion. Those of us who reach the first-year marriage anniversary or achieve ten years of success at a career position deserve to commemorate such events through a party, a dinner, or another festive activity.

If you are in charge of planning an event to celebrate an anniversary, here are some ideas that may help you get started:

  1. Focus on the person or couple. Select a theme, decorations, and agenda that will make the people involved feel loved and appreciated. Ask around to determine particular interests, awards, preferences, or other indicators that can help the event prove meaningful and successful. You may decide to take a collection and send a couple celebrating twenty-five years of marriage to a romantic weekend getaway. Or you might round up career person’s old college buddies to enjoy a night of nostalgia in celebrating his first year at a professional job. Give some thought to what will please the individuals.
  2. Don’t forget the guests. Make a workable list of attendees who will want to be part of this special occasion. Ask those who truly care about the event and will add to it in terms of good wishes or assistance. With the guest list in mind, develop a plan that will allow everyone to be involved or to feel comfortable with the celebratory event. For example, if the couple has retired and has several friends on a fixed budget, a $200 per person river and dinner cruise may not be a good idea.
  3. Be creative. Arrange a picnic at the zoo if that’s where the couple met. Or have a reunion at the college where the new career professional got launched. Suggest an all-day trip to a resort for the couple and you, then have forty more guests meet there for a sit-down dinner at a fine dining restaurant. Choose an activity that will accommodate guests and please the person being honored.
  4. Make it special. Crown your couple queen and king (with decorous tiaras) for the evening. Or take up a collection and buy the new executive a leather briefcase. Invite a celebrity who, when a nobody, was a classmate of the guests of honor. Have a local radio station announce the special event, with good wishes for the celebrators. Brainstorm a variety of activities that will make the evening unforgettable.
  5. Control the cost. It needn’t cost an arm and a leg to be fun. Make a budget and stick with it. Find less expensive substitutes for the things you want to buy or do. For example, instead of ordering printed invitations, make your own on the computer. Rather than paying a professional photographer, have a friend take pictures and organize a photo album as his or her anniversary gift.

Whether you plan a two-hour mixer or an all-day adventure, have fun while you make arrangements, knowing that this special day will live in the hearts and minds of guests for years to come.

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