How to plan a successful neighborhood block party

neighborhood block party

Fall and spring are both wonderful times to have a block party and get reacquainted with your neighbors. However, it can also be a lot of work to pull one off successfully if you don’t plan ahead and get some help!

The first thing you need to do is talk to your neighbors. Go door to door and either invite them in person or pass out flyers to come to your home for a committee meeting to plan a block party. Not only will you find helpers, you will also find out how many people would be interested in attending.

At the first meeting, you need to come up with several different dates and then the committee needs to check with neighbors on what would be the best date for them. The majority rules and you have your day all set.

Depending on where you live, you may need to let your town or city officials know about the block party especially if you live on a busy street. It may be possible to get your road barricaded off during your party so as not to be worried about traffic.

Once you have your date you need to decide what kind of a block party do you want. Should it bring your own food? Bring a dish to pass? Do you charge people upfront to pay for some of the food such as meat to grill and then let them bring a dish to pass also? Your committee must decide what would work best for your neighbors.

Next, you finally get to let everyone know when it is. Bright, colorful, fun invitations either mailed or personally delivered are desirable. They are inexpensive and effective.

Your committee should now start splitting into smaller committees. You’ll need ones for adult games, kid games, food, cleanup, and any other aspect you want to include, such as music or other entertainment.

Each committee will then have its own jobs to do:

Game Committees:
Organize games, find people to run them, and discuss the possibility of prizes.

Food Committee:
Decide how the food will be presented do you need to find tables? What about grills? Coolers and ice for beverages need to be arranged.

Organize garbage cans in convenient locations throughout the neighborhood, make sure they are not overflowing, and change bags whenever necessary. You may want to check with your local dump to see if you can bring in the trash and dump it right away. Cleanup is important because if you have the party the day after garbage pickup, you could end up having a problem safely storing all of the trash from the party until the next pick up. You don’t want your party to be remembered by a foul lingering smell or because animals got into unprotected garbage bags and scattered litter everywhere.

A successful block party is not hard to have it just takes a little motivation, a lot of cooperation, and the willingness to enjoy time with your neighbors.


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