How to plan a family reunion

family reunion

Having a family reunion is a great time to get together with relatives, that you may have not seen for years. It’s also a great time to have lots of fun. Planning a family reunion is a lot of hard work to plan, but also planning the reunion can be half the fun. The key to planning a family reunion is to be organized and to get as much help as you can from others.

The first thing is to make up a list of the names of the people who are being invited to the family reunion. Family members may be needed to be called for the family members’ names and addresses that are not known.

There are things that can be done when planning a family reunion, that will make it easier for the person planning the family reunion. If you have a large group of people coming to the family reunion, elect team captains because then you can split up the responsibilities of planning the family reunion. Set up someone to handle all the mailings for the family reunion. Have someone book the motel and hotel rooms for family members who live out of town. Have someone handle the finances, for the family reunion.

Have someone send out invitations announcing the reunion date and its location, this should be done six months to one year in advance. If lodging is needed, book a group of rooms early because a lot of hotels require a reservation in advance. Mail out a follow-up reminder closer to the date, with an RSVP deadline on it. Include a map of the area, plus information about the accommodations and reminders of the meal arrangements. Figure out finances, estimating the cost per person, and require a deposit if one is needed. A hat can be passed around the day of the family reunion for fund-raising to pay for such things as postage, phone calls, meals, and other related expenses.

Another decision to face, when planning a family reunion is the location of the reunion. There are a lot of places to hold a family reunion such as campgrounds, fairgrounds, national parks, church camps, halls, college campuses, and even on the family farm. The hardest part about finding a location is trying to find a centrally located area that fits relatives coming to the family reunion.

When planning the menu for the family reunion, it’s best to keep in mind that you need plenty of food to feed the large group. It’s always better to have too much food than not enough food. To make the preparation of the food easier for the family reunion, dishes could be prepared ahead of time and then frozen. Everybody could bring along a meat item for a barbeque and another dish to pass.

Some family reunions last more than one day, plan on serving leftovers the final day. This will help with the number of dishes that have to be prepared. The food being served for the family reunion could also be catered in. Everybody could go out to eat if the reunion is taking place close to a city. To make the setup and clean off the meals easier, worksheets can be made up of assigning specific duties for preparing the meals and cleaning up afterward.

To add fun to the family reunion a theme could be thought of, the theme could follow through with the whole aspect of the family reunion, such as with the invitations, activities, and meals. Some examples of themes are an apple theme, a holiday theme, a family member theme, and a recipe theme.

Have games and activities available to play for the kids, as well as, adults. When planning games and activities for the family reunion, plan different levels of games for the various ages of children. Some activities and game ideas include hayrides, horseshoes, fishing, swimming, marshmallow and wiener roasts, baseball, sing-alongs, and talent shows. Games can also be made up of the family reunion. An example of a made-up game is a watermelon roll. This is done by setting up two-liter plastic pop bottles, setting the bottles up in a bowling style. Place the bottles about twenty feet out and weigh them down with water. The first person on each team gets down on their hands and knees, rolling a watermelon forward with his or
her head trying to knock over the bottles. The watermelon is then rolled back for the next member of the team. The first team to finish wins the game.

There are things that can be done at a family reunion to pay for the family reunion. Even though the best parts of a family reunion are free. Selling homemade arts and crafts or baked goods, quilt raffles, and service auctions. Another idea to pay for the family reunion is by having a white elephant sale. This is where family members bring to the reunion items, such as a pan, puzzles and other family members bid on that item.

The best part of planning a family reunion is seeing your family members you may have not have seen for a long time and the memories that will be made from the family reunion. There are ways to preserve these family memories. These include compiling a family album, displaying family histories, calendars, and cookbooks, gathered from recipes that family members have brought to the family reunion. Instead of having each family member sign a guestbook, take pictures of them with an instant camera. Have them then sign their name on the pictures. These pictures can be
then displayed in a family album, this allows family members who haven’t seen each other for a while to place a name with a face.

The way that you know that your family reunion was a great success is when everybody is leaving the family reunion, giving each other hugs and kisses. Followed by tears of regret from
having to leave.

Planning a family reunion is a lot of hard work, but it’s well worth it because the memories being made from the family reunion will last a lifetime.


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