How to pick a realtor

How to pick a realtor

With every city having numerous realtors to choose from to sell your home, it’s often difficult to decide which realtor can do the best job of selling quickly at the price you want. Here are a few ways to find the best realtor for the job:

The first thing to do is to look through your local paper and see which company seems to do the best (or most) advertising. You don’t necessarily need the biggest company, or the one with the most listings. Look at the ads

and see how descriptive they are (do they paint a good picture of what the house is like?). Do they advertise often? Do their ads somehow catch your attention? Do they advertise in more than just the local paper, such as on the internet or in out-of-town homebuyers guides? Once you’ve found a good company, then you need to find a
specific realtor.

The realtor with the most listings isn’t necessarily the best, but it does say something for their work ethic. If one realtor has two listings and another has ten, it could mean that the realtor with more works harder or has a better reputation. It could also mean that the one with less is only a part-time agent, as many agents are. Pick out the top five or six agents and schedule them for interviews.

When you interview an agent, focus on the agent’s personality. How friendly is the person? How confident does he or she seem to be? Personality means a lot in this business. The friendlier and more confident the agent is, the more comfortable a buyer will be in dealing with your agent.

Ask a lot of questions. How long has the agent been in business? Does the agent have any references? How long (average days) do houses that those particular agent lists stay on the market? How familiar is he or she with your neighborhood? Has the agent ever been sued by a client or disciplined by the state’s real estate commission? And, of course, how much is the commission?

You will find that with the top agents, there will be very few differences between them as far as their experience, statistics, knowledge, and commission. That is why their personality is so important.

Remember, what you are selling is probably the most expensive thing you will ever sell. And what the buyers are buying is the most expensive thing they will ever buy. That is why taking the time to find a realtor who can do a good, professional job is so important.

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