How to perform a breast self exam

breast self exam

Performing a breast self-exam is important for every woman to perform. This is can help you become comfortable with your body as well as get to know your breast. You will be able to know any changes that occur in your breast.

It is important to perform a breast exam once a month. It should be the same time every month due to changes in your breast. The consistency of your breast changes from day to day especially around your menstrual period. It would more accurate if you perform at the same time each month.

You should perform you breast self-exam a couple of days after you menstruate. If you no longer menstruate you can perform it at anytime. It is very important that you perform the exam consistently after you stop menstruating.

Here is how you can perform your breast self-exam.

First, Get a mirror. Look for any changes that may have occurred in your breast since your last exam. Look for changes in your nipples, dry skin, or any abnormal changes.

Second, Raise your hands in the air and wave them around. This may sound silly but if you feel uncomfortable, it will make you feel better. Then proceed to look for any changes in your breast.

Third, Now is time for the feeling test. Raise one hand above your head. Then proceed to use your three fingers in a circular fashion starting with the outer area of your breast. You should check for lumps or any changes. You may feel better performing this in the shower.

Fourth, look for changes under your arm and on your chest.

Most lumps are not malignant. However, if you find a lump contact your health care provider. This is only a part of your overall breast care. It is also important for you to get a mammogram every year after the age of forty.

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