How to patch wallpaper

patch wallpaper

Say that you are moving some furniture and you scrape the wall. You just recently put up brand new wallpaper and you don’t want to have to replace it. Most people think that if they have damage in the wallpaper they will have to replace the whole piece or they will have to do the whole room. Sometimes if the hole is high enough they will hang a picture over the hole so that no one can see the eyesore.

One of the first things to remember when wallpapering a room is to get enough so that you can have a fairly large piece so that you will have some to repair any scrapes or holes you might get in the paper on the wall. I personally like to get an extra roll to make sure that I can repair anything that might happen to my wallpaper.

Another great idea is to make sure that all of the batch numbers on the paper match so that your paper will match exactly. You will also have to have a bit of sand paper, some clean rags, and a wallpaper brush to finish this job.

Now that you have the hole you need to see measure it to see how big of a hole you have and what it will take to fix. You will need to get out the wallpaper that you saved and match it up to the paper around the hole. You need a piece of wallpaper patch that is approximately 1 inch lager than the whole on all sides.

So that means if you have a scratch that is 3 inches long and 1 inch wide you are going to need at least a piece of paper that is 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. It is best to get a piece of paper that is larger and match it up to the decoration on the paper. Use a utility knife to cut the patch paper and the wallpaper at the same time; this will insure that the place that needs the patch and the patch will be the same size.

Now that the wall is scored where you cut the paper with the knife you need to remove the damaged section from the wall. Some wallpaper can be removed by just getting it damp, for this you can use a sponge. Do not get the surrounding paper wet so that it will not come loose from the wall. If the damaged area gives you trouble try using a little paint scraper to help loosen it, be careful to not damage the wall or the sheetrock under the paper.

The paper should really come loose with some effort but it shouldn’t be that hard of a job. After the section is removed you need to make sure that there is no left over glue on the wall as this could make your patch lumpy and not match the rest of the wall. If you have to, you can use some coarse sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Now you can hang the piece of paper in the place where the scratch used to be. Use what ever sticking method that the paper requires. I like the type that you can just put in water and then hang on the wall. Make sure you use your rags to wipe the paper and brush out any air bubbles that you have in the paper. After the wall dries you should have to look really close to see the seams in the wall.

This technique can be use with about any size hole or scratch. If you need to you can also replace the entire piece of wallpaper for larger damage. If you match the designs up correctly no one should notice the repair unless they know about it or they are looking at it extremely close.

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