How to Pass the Police Final Interview


In your hand is a Civil Service application for the local Law Enforcement test. You will notice that some candidates seem to have a gift for testing and getting hired. Many strong candidates test and eventually become discouraged because they are not hired. There are a few secrets that will increase the odds of you receiving the phone call asking you to report for duty.

Take every Law Enforcement test that you can find.

It does not matter if the test is for Corrections or Patrol, the value is in gaining the experience. Some areas of the test will come very naturally for you, however, there will be areas that experience will benefit you.

Observe Officers in the Department in which you are testing.

If they wear their hair short, then it would be wise to get a hair cut. If they have highly shined shoes, then shine your shoes for your interview. If you look like a member of that Department, then it will be natural for the Civil Service Board to offer you the position.

Purchase the published study guides.

If you chose a study guide that has sample tests in it, you will learn which areas you need to focus your time and energy. Do not waste your study time focusing on areas in which you excel.

Avoid Cussing.

This sounds strange and most Police Officers do use profanity, however, it is unprofessional and does not portrait you in a positive light. You would be surprised how many people are offended by profanity.

Be Positive.

If you talk about your last employer in a negative manner, the interview board will develop some strong concerns. Remember, the interview board is going to rely on their instincts and experience, do not give them the impression that you are trying to find another job before you get fired from your current job. The more tests you take, the more comfortable you will be during the interview stage. When you are nervous, your answers will sound forced and unnatural.

When you are relaxed and confident, you will be able to focus more on the questions and your instincts than on being self-conscious. Knowledge breeds confidence. You will get knowledge by experience so get to testing!

When you are relaxed

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