How to paint your nails

How to paint your nails

Painted nails give your hands a well-groomed appearance. There are several ways to ensure that you can apply the nail polish as well as possible, that it lasts as long as possible and that the color suits you.

Beautifully manicured painted nails are a real plus if you want to look tip-top groomed. Painting your nails beautifully is not always very easy. Professionals can always do it so beautifully. Do you find it difficult to paint your nails beautifully? We give you tips here so that you can easily paint your nails just like a professional!

Choose a color that suits you

You can tell by the undertone of your skin color which nail polish color suits you. Is your skin pink, bluish or red? Then choose a color in which the cool color predominates, for example, blue or gray. Is your skin golden, beige, or olive? Then choose warm and bright colors.

What do you need for beautifully painted nails?

How to paint your nails follow these seteps:

  • First, clean your nails with a nail polish remover , even if you don’t have any nail polish on your nails. This removes any oily layer, so that your nail polish adheres better later.
  • Get your base coat.
  • Paint all your nails in the base coat. This ensures that the color of the nail polish does not soak into your nails. And your nail polish will stay on better.
  • Open the bottle of colored nail polish.
  • There is a brush on it. There should not be a large drop hanging from this brush, so turn the brush into the opening of the bottle. (Don’t smear it on the edge because then you won’t be able to open the bottle over time and it will become a mess.
  • Place the brush on the nail plate about 3 mm from the cuticle.
  • Slide the brush 2 mm towards the cuticle and then pull it in the opposite direction towards the nail tip. Do this 3 times so that the whole nail is nicely painted.
  • Let the nail polish harden a little.
  • Now apply the top coat on all nails.
  • Spray it off with a Fast dry spray or use dry drops, this will harden the nail polish a little faster and damage it a little less quickly.
    Give it time to really harden!
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