How to paint old furniture

How to paint old furniture

Learning how to paint furniture might just be one of the easiest things in the world but it is very easy to mess the paint as well as the entire piece of furniture as well if one is not careful and attentive and hence, there are a few guidelines that will help a lot in getting things right as well as to get you well acquainted with the art of painting furniture. If you follow these few guidelines of sorts, you can rest assured that you will bring the best out of any and every piece of furniture, irrespective of them being new or old, and add a wonderful piece to your home décor.

The first and foremost thing that you need to understand when you learn how to paint furniture is to be able to determine the type of surface on the furniture that you are about to paint, whether it is shiny and glossy or rough and chalky. In the case of the first scenario, you will need to sand it down a bit by using sandpaper lightly on the surfaces that you want to paint, and in the case of the other, you don’t need to do anything.

The next step to learn how to paint furniture is that you will have to put a coat or two of primer that is oil-based on the surface that you have marked to paint and this is done so as to give the paint something to hold on to and moreover, it also adds a bit of gloss to the finish as well. Make sure that the brushes and the rollers that you use during both the painting as well as the priming process are brand new and I would suggest that even if you use rollers for the priming process, make sure that you use brushes during the process of painting.

When you coat the furniture with latex paint, make sure that the strokes that you give are very soft and it is imperative that you put the coats evenly on all the surfaces. But make sure that the finish is not a full gloss but a semi-gloss because that would ensure the durability of the paint. The thinner that you coat the furniture with the paint, the better finish your furniture will have and so, it is best that you use new brushes and light strokes. The next step is something of an optional step where you can use water-based paint on top of the latex paint to add some durability to the paint job and once this is done, your process is over and all you need to do is let the paint dry out for a few days before even thinking of placing anything on it.

So, if you were wondering how to paint furniture and thinking that it was very difficult, it is not so and if you follow this set of rules, even you can paint your own furniture at home.

Tips for wood furniture

When you get some furniture and it does not go with your decor all that well, most people tend to replace them for something else at a higher cost but what I don’t understand is that if you can paint your furniture and add touches of Pottery Barn to anything that you get from the thrift store, what is the need to get it exchanged for something else? Now, you might want to know the exact details about how to paint furniture and I can tell you that nothing can be done no easily if you follow the few steps that are enlisted below.

  • The thing you need to know first and foremost about how to paint furniture is that you have to
  • assess the type of surface and this is very important because if it is too glossy or shiny, you will
  • need to roughen it up a little bit by using sand paper on it. But, if on the other hand, it is a bit
  • chalky and has a roughne. to it, you don’t need to go forward with the process of sanding it
  • down.
  • • Before you move on to the actual paint job, you will need to put a coat of primer on the surface
  • that is oil based such that the finish is not ruined and to give the paint a solid base to stick to.
  • You don’t need to have the primer to be even but just ensure that the entire surface of the
  • furniture is coated at least once with the primer, but make sure that the coating doen not
  • become a bit too thick.
  • When you paint the surface with latex (a process that you will have to repeat once as well),
  • make sure that the miler or paint brush that you are using is brand new. Most people, who have
  • no idea with regards to bow to mint fornihire choose either one of the latex paint and the
  • primer but using both of them is the way to go. But don’t make the mistake of applying the latex
  • paint over oil based paints because there will be a host of bubbleo that will spring up if you do
  • so. Moreover, when you are applying the laten paint, make sure that the cots are thin and you
  • use a brush instead of a roller
  • In order to add more protection on the paint job, you can apply one or two coats of polymers
  • that are water based in order for the gloss to remain in spite of innumerable wiping of the top
  • surface.
  • Make sure you give the furniture at least two whole days before placing anything on it no that it
  • gets sufficient time to dry up.

These are the main points that you need to know if you want to learn how to paint furniture and if you .o
Following these properly, I am sure that you will b able to bring the best out of the paint job.

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