How to paint a child’s room

paint a child's room

If you are looking to change the look of your child’s bedroom or playroom and need creative ideas for color combinations, themes, and wallpaper….don’t fret! This type of project can be fun, done with the children, and quite affordable. You really do not have to go out and hunt for the perfect color for a kid’s room, nor do you have to hire a professional to paint those walls. Let’s walk step by step in an easier way to get paint on the walls. Then we will further dig into what else can go on the walls as well.


First, buy painter’s tape, plastic drop cloth, ½ inch paint brushes (2), 1-inch paint brushes (2), a paint roller and tray with extension stick for rolling paint on the ceiling (2), paint stirrers (5). Things from the house will include old washcloths, a bowl of warm soapy water, step ladders or stools, music, and plenty of members to help get the painting done faster.

Second, take painter’s tape and tape the molding around doors, door handles, windows, outlets & light switch covers, ceiling, and floor molding. This keeps the paint from getting on those areas. If you are mechanically inclined you can use a screwdriver to remove door handles, outlet, and light switch covers but if children are helping it is best to use the tape for protection. Use the drop cloth to cover the floor after you place the tape the floor molding.

Third, get ready to have fun……


This is the part that begins to frustrate most who are 100% ready to paint. What goes on the walls? Remember one thing…..this is a kid’s room. Start with asking your children (if they can articulate what they like). You will find that they will give you something outlandish like….” I want trucks and the colors brown and blue and I want stars on the walls that glow in the dark and a sun”. At this point you say…” Ok dear, but we are going to just use white.” Well, from the answer of junior, you got tons of ideas to begin with. All rooms can begin with just white.

Then the paint job is simple. He wants trucks, throw a border 4 feet from the floor up with a construction scene on it. The colors brown and blue can be incorporated this way. Blue ceiling or brown under the construction border. You may say eww, but there are lighter shades of blue and brown out there. Or you just may want junior to settle on picking one color and use it under the border only.

Your little girl wants pink ponies & ballet slippers, yellow sunflowers, purple hearts, and pictures of her favorite TV show character. And you think…”How in the world???” Relax. Pink, purple, yellow, and the “Power Rangers” can all go together. Choose a very light pink for the whole room. You can hand draw flowers to grow from the bottom of the floor to about 6 or 7 inches up. Now realistically you may not want to do this to the whole room but make patches of the same pattern in 4 areas of the room.

If you are not an artist, then grab magazines for visual ideas and copy pictures from there. This does not have to be perfect. It can be painted over. Now come the ponies and ballet slippers. Pictures on the wall can satisfy that desire. Do not go out and spend more than 10 bucks on this. Remember, your child will grow up. I had a friend take a poster she found of a ballet scene and she cut it out and put that on the wall as a center picture over her child’s bed. Almost like putting up sections cut out from wallpaper.


Wall paper is a great tool for putting up a new look with out paint. Cutting pieces of wall paper and placing it on the wall in arrangements can be rewarding and new too. For children who love to draw on the walls try putting up a hearty border and under that border, white washable wall paper. This allows the artist to come out in junior and only allowed in his/her room.

Rubber stamps are another tool too. You can manipulate any color ink on a white background or a white border set aside for designing. You can decorate with rubber stamps around light switches, outlets, door handles, doors, anywhere.

Textured walls and ceilings. Tired of using paintbrushes? Use sponges, old rags balled up, bath sqooshies, or pre-made textured rollers at local craft/hardware stores. You can use these as borders too. Paint the textured look think and white, then when it dries, go over it again with a paintbrush in another color.

3D objects. Making a child’s favorite scene come alive on his walls is exciting too. Have a kite flying on the wall. Have clouds made from quilting batting floating on a blue background? I have even seen on television where a father took a white picket fence and used that as a border in his daughter’s room and painted a yellow sun and the rays coming through the slats.

Eventually the ideas will flow and you will find that you will have fun planning and more fun putting the ideas to reality. If you are still stumped then resort to magazines. Get ideas from many and put them all together. When using paint please make sure the fumes are being circulated out. This is especially important if your little ones are helping too. And remember, have fun!!

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