How to pack for kids for a weekend beach trip

The sand, the sun, the lapping of waves as they hit the shore. Nothing says relaxation like a quiet weekend at the beach, unless, of course, you’re taking the children, in which case you will have very little relaxation and a whole lot of family fun! There is a little bit more entailed when packing for a weekend family beach trip, so here is a list of items you will want to have packed and ready to go before you head out to the beach, in addition to your normal luggage and toiletries.

  • You will of course want to have your sunblock for each member of your family. For example, you may want to have a child-based sunblock for your children (they are a little more gentle for sensitive skin) and stronger sunblock for you and your spouse. In addition, make sure you bring your sunglasses, so you can play beach games without the sun getting into your eyes. Of course, don’t forget your beach hats for extra protection against the sun.
  • More than likely your children will be running around playing in the water and the sand most of the time, but you might want to bring a beach umbrella and some beach chairs so you and your spouse can get a little relaxation in. Be sure to also bring along any books you may want to read while watching your children play.
  • As far as clothing is concerned, don’t forget to pack at least two bathing suits or sets of bathing trunks for your children, so that, while one is drying out in the sun from being used one day, they can have a fresh bathing suit or set of trunks for the next day. You may also want to invest in some beach shoes for you and the kids so they do not step on any sharp objects like bottle caps or seashells.
  • You will not want to forget all the different beach and water toys you and your kids will want to play with. Possible beach toys include frisbees, footballs, volleyballs, and sand toys like pails and shovels. Water toys might include goggles, floatation devices, and beach balls.
  • If your family loves to scour the sand for possible treasures like rocks or seashells, remember to bring along some plastic sealable bags for your collections.
  • Playing and swimming out in the sun will definitely take its toll on you and your children, so you will want to bring along a cooler loaded with plenty of bottled waters and snacks. Try to stick with water only and away from caffeinated beverages. Try to bring along healthy snacks like cut-up fruits, applesauce, and small sandwiches.
  • In the event one of the members of your family gets a sunburn, despite the sunblock, bring along something to help ease the pain of the burn, like aloe vera or some other medicated product.
  • After playing in the beach all day, you will not want your family to load up in the car with sandy and wet bathing suits, so bring along an extra change of clothes for your kids and spouse to put on.
  • Finally, don’t forget a towel for each member of your family. You may want to bring along extra in case some of them get soaked. Also, bring along a large plastic bag to store all of the wet towels and suits in after they have been used.

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