How to overcome your fear of the dentist

overcome your fear of the dentist

Most people either are or have been afraid, of the dentist at one point in time. Dentists are aware of this, they may even have been afraid of dentists when they were younger!

One reason may be that no one ever wants to go and visit the dentist; that is usually most people’s least favorite place to go. Often, there are jokes about getting root canals, and getting “the drill.” The dentist is at the core of many jokes, and I’ve even seen a horror movie out in a movie rental store named, “The Dentist,” and it looked downright horrifying, with some evil-looking dentist on the cover, looking as if he was drilling the patient’s face together or something. Dentists have a bad reputation, to say the very least.

There’s no reason to fear the dentist, however. It mostly depends on your experiences with dentists. Many people may have had a bad experience with dentists when they were younger. I, for example, had a very bad dentist, in my opinion, when I was younger. You could hear the children’s screams when they were getting dental work done. Then, I was fearful of going to get work done on me, just because I had heard people screaming as if they were getting killed.

If you have had a bad experience with a dentist, you can still have great experiences in the future with dentists. I actually have nothing except good things to say about my dentist that I presently have.

The first thing would be to find a dentist. A good dentist. Either you can ask someone else who you know may have a good dentist (grill him/her on the dentist), and ask that person for the dentist’s phone number. If you don’t know anyone who can rave about their dentist, you may be forced to look up a dentist in the yellow pages. You might want to look up dentists that have in their ad something about being “gentle,” or something about them dealing especially with people who are fearful of the dentist.

Once you call this dentist, see if the receptionist sounds friendly on the phone. Often, when you call and get a friendly person, it can make you feel more comfortable going there. And it also means that they really do cater to people who are apprehensive about going to the doctor.

Try to see the dentist as your friend, and someone who is trying to help you, not someone who is purposefully conflicting pain on you. The dentist’s job is to give you a beautiful smile, not harm you! Once you see the dentist as your friend, not an enemy, purposefully out to give you pain, that can even change your mind set, which can in turn, make it more likely that you’ll feel comfortable at the dentist’s office.

Once you have set up an appointment with a dentist that has something about catering to apprehensive patients, and with a friendly receptionist, see how the dental hygenist is. It helps a lot if they are friendly and talkative as well. Friendliness can have a lot to do with making you feel comfortable. If the hygenist talks to you a lot and laughs a lot, then you will probably feel better because you will see that the cleaning of your teeth is nothing scary, it’s just something routine that the dental hygenist does every day.

Actually, before she even starts her work, tell her that you are nervous about the dentist, even the cleaning if you are nervous about that. Also, before you have any dental work done, talk to the dentist himself about your fears. The dental hygenist and dentist will most likely, calm your fears. They will most likely be more gentle than usual on you, and give you extra novocaine maybe, if need be, when you get dental work done.

They will probably also ask you to let them know if anything hurts, so that they can make it not hurt, whether that be with more novocaine or what. A good dentist will do anything possible to make things not hurt you. The dentist and hygenist will most likely be able to work with you about your fears, if they are a good dentist and hygenist.

If you are afraid of the drill sound when getting a filling, ask the dentist if you can bring a set of headphones in. Most dentists do allow this, and some even have extra headphone sets, batteries and tapes for you to borrow during your stay at the dentist.

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