How to Overcome Writer’s Block

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Many writers have experienced the frustration of writer’s block. You sit down at your desk or computer to write a paper, article, or story, and your mind just freezes. You can’t think of a thing in the world that you have to say about the subject at hand. It just feels like your brain has taken a sick day.

This affliction can become an especially annoying problem for students and writing professionals who are struggling to meet important deadlines. Rather than letting your stupor to get the best of you, you should try to get past your mental barrier. There are a few techniques that can help you regain your focus, such as relaxation activities like deep breathing or creative brainstorming techniques like using a recording device.

Relaxation techniques can be very helpful in breaking out of your writer’s block. Close your eyes and take several slow, deep breaths inhaling through your nose, and exhaling from your mouth. If you are unable to focus due to stress in your life that is heavily weighing on you, take this quiet time to clear your mind. Picture a relaxing scene, and let your fantasy lower your stress level. Open your eyes a couple of minutes later.

You should feel calmer and more centered than you did before. If you are still unable to get yourself to write, there are other techniques to try. Massage your temples while you lay flat on your back on a carpeted floor, recliner, bed, or couch. Turn on some very soothing classical music, such as Braham’s lullaby. If you are wearing uncomfortable clothing, try changing into a loose pair of pajamas and a sweatshirt or t-shirt.

You can also try tightening the muscles in your toes and hands for ten seconds, and then releasing the tension. This can release stress and tension in your muscles, and help to clear your mind so that you can get to work. If you are able to relax, you should be able to center yourself on the task at hand, with less mental distractions.

If you have not made an outline for what you are about to write or done any research on it, you may be experiencing writer’s block because you have not acquired enough information about the subject at hand to write a good piece. Try to read and research the subject matter to get some inspiration that will spark your creativity.

If you have already gathered the information that you need to write your piece then try to do some freewriting on the subject just to get your mind juices flowing. Just let your pen flow as you write down any thoughts that come to mind when you consider the piece you are about to write. For example, if you were about to write an article about throwing a baby shower,

things that might come into your kind are games, diapers, cake, bottles, etc. Let yourself go with the freewriting exercise for about five minutes, and then review the things that you have written, trying to come up with a few random sentences about each thought. Getting all this raw information out will help to get your thought process running in the right direction.

If you have a voice recording device, try closing your eyes and recording your thoughts as they come to you about the material you are going to write about. Just talk out some ideas and try to stay relaxed and loose. It doesn’t matter if not everything you say is relevant the goal is to get some ideas out.

After you have gotten out all that is on your mind, rewind, and listen to your thoughts, taking notes on your good points. Sometimes it is easier to vocalize your thoughts than it is to put them down on paper.

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