overcome the fear of doctors

Many people hate visiting the doctor. Often, people especially do not like to visit hospitals, because hospitals often have a certain “smell” to them. It can reek of medicine and that can be scary for some people.

However, some people are scared of the doctor himself. There may be a number of reasons why people are afraid of the doctor. As mentioned in the above paragraph, some people just might be afraid of going to the hospital, due to the smell of different kinds of medicines.

Some people may be afraid because a hospital is where some people are dying and suffering from cancer and other illnesses. Doctors and hospitals also have a certain kind of “coldness” to them, oftentimes, doctors are trained to be not emotionally available to patients, and that can scare patients when their doctors are so distant. It can make patients feel as if they are just another number on a sheet of paper.

A lot of people are also scared of the doctor because the doctor can also be associated with painful things, such as shots and needles. Also, doctors can find out very scary things about us, for example, a doctor may have to be the bearer of bad news and have to tell us that we have something very wrong with us physically.

However, there are some things that you can do to make your doctor appointments not so scary.

  1. Take some biology classes. It will help you to learn more about yourself, and more about what your doctors already know. It can be fascinating to learn things about the human body, and it can also make you feel good when the doctor talks to the nurses and to you in “doctor-speak,” and you actually know what he is talking about! Knowledge is power in this example.
  2. Try to talk to your doctor, and get to know him/her a little bit. Ask about his/her schooling. If you have a friendly doctor, that can make a big difference.
  3. Ask questions about your exams! A lot of doctors will not tell you things about your exams unless you ask. Don’t feel nervous or shy about asking questions about what things mean or why they have to take certain tests. It’s YOUR body after all, and YOU are paying HIM/HER! You can definitely ask him/her questions.
  4. Remember that your doctor is there to help you! Yes, if something is wrong with you, your doctor may have to tell you that something is wrong with you. However, your doctor also probably knows ways to fix you, make you better, or at least make you more comfortable. If you had just avoided going to the doctor when something was wrong with you, that would be way worse, because no one would then be able to help you to get better!
  5. Keep up with your doctor visits. Get your physical every year, go to the gynecologist for your yearly exam. This will help make sure that you stay healthy, and if you end up having something wrong with you, at least this way, it will be caught early!

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