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Most people who have an office or other workspace find that organizing your workspace can be a daunting task. Making it a workable area is great for your business and keeps you from loosing important papers, and information.

The basic organization is to have the desktop arranged in a manner so that you can get to everything without having to search. Sometimes it is the desk that is at fault. You should have a desk that is big enough to handle your business. Get one that is large and you can also get one that fits into a corner that will give you the equivalent of having three desks. This is great if you have a lot of equipment that you need to use for your business. You can even get a cart or desk on wheels if there is a piece of equipment that must be shared so that it can be taken to the desk of someone needing it without disrupting everyone else.

If a computer is being used in your space the computer monitor should be in front of you or slightly off to the side so that is can be easily seen. There are two different types of computers, one that sits under the monitor, and one that is called a tower that sits under the desk. The desk should fit the computer itself. If you are using the flat type of computer the desktop should be big enough to hold the computer, if using a tower then most desks now come with a place to put the tower so that it is tucked away.

You should make sure that you can access all drives on the computer without having to wrestle with it. The keyboard should be in front of you so that you can sit comfortably and type without making yourself tired or sore, again a lot of desks come with a keyboard tray that rolls under the front of the desk. The mouse should be on the right hand side of the keyboard if you are right handed or on the left side of the keyboard if you are left handed.

The rest of the workspace is the hardest part. The best thing to use is storage bins with labels. Make you have a place to store them where they will be easily accessed by everyone who needs to use them. Also, make sure to check each morning to see what might need to be restocked. Printer paper, pens, paperclips, staples, and things that are used on a regular basis should always be checked each morning to see what might need to be restocked. They should also be placed where they are easier to access, unlike items that you only use occasionally.

Printers, fax machines, copiers, scanners, etc should be placed close to the area but not on the desk. These items take up a lot of room and need a space close and easily accessible. The phone should be on the desk, but not where it will be in the way of your hands working on the desk. Also, make sure that there is a place in your desk where you should be able to sit and write without having to move a great deal of stuff.

Mail can pile up in most offices or workspaces. The best solution is to check it daily and go thru it at the time it is delivered. Check each piece and decide what needs to be kept and what needs to be shredded or thrown away. Then place bills in a folder for accounts payable for access when it is time to pay them and checks or payments should be deposited and a record kept in an accounts receivable file.

Catalogs for office equipment should be kept in a folder for supplies that way when something is needed it can be found and ordered. Keeping a good filing system is vital. You should have filed for all important bills, that have been paid and for things that have to be ordered. It is also wise to have a file for personal items so that they will not get mixed with business. If more than just you use the same files they should be set where everyone can get to them in a cabinet without interrupting anyone’s work area.

Keeping your workspace clear of clutter and debris makes it easier to perform the duties. When your workspace is cluttered you spend more time trying to find tools or papers that are important.

Keeping your workspace clear

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