How to mount an under cabinet coffee maker

cabinet coffee maker

Modern kitchens are filled with small appliances that puree, whip, chop, bake, and do everything else you can imagine! The problem is, with so many time-saving devices available, we can often run out of room to store them on our counters.

In order to save valuable counter space, many manufacturers have converted small appliances so they can now be mounted underneath a kitchen cabinet. Not only do these appliances save space, but they can also keep little hands from getting burned or otherwise injured.

There are many brand names of under the cabinet coffee makers on the market today. They range in price from two hundred to four or five hundred dollars. The methods of mounting them are basically the same with a few exceptions. For example, if your under the cabinet coffee maker has a reservoir that automatically fills itself up, then you’ll need to run a water line from it to a constant water source.

Before you attempt to install this type of coffee maker, make sure that you read and follow the manufacturer’s directions. Basically, though, you’ll need to choose a location underneath a cabinet that has an electrical outlet near it. If your model automatically fills its reservoir up, you’ll also need to find a location where water supply is handy.

Depending on the brand name and design of your space-saving coffee maker, the water supply might need to be filtered. Using hard water or water that contains a lot of deposits that might ruin the small appliance. Check your manufacturer’s directions for specific details.

After you have chosen the best location, remove the carafe, and any other piece that might fall off and dry fit into place. That is, hold the coffee maker under the kitchen cabinet to make sure that it will fit there. Also, make sure that it doesn’t interfere with any other small appliance, cabinet doors, et cetera.

Then, position the bracket into place and mark the screw holes with a lead pencil. If the screws that came with your under the cabinet coffee maker are self starting, you’ll only need an electric drill with a screwdriver bit to secure them into the wall or under the cabinet. Otherwise, you’ll need to use an electric drill and a wood bit to bore starter holes for the screws.

Place the holding bracket onto the wall or under the cabinet and secure it into place. Grab it and check to make sure that it’s secure. Then, hold the coffee maker up near the bracket and run the electrical cord so that it’s out of the way. If there is excess cord, you can try hiding it underneath the cabinet. Plug the coffee maker into a nearby electrical outlet. The next step is to fit the coffee maker onto the bracket and, again, check to make sure it’s secure. Then, replace the carafe.

Finally, if you need to hook a water supply up to it, follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to do so. If you mount your coffee maker beside your refrigerator, you might be able to run a line from it over to the counter. Of course, the line will need to be run so it’s out of sight.

Before you turn your new coffee maker on, double check the water lines for leaks.

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