How to motivate the child student to learn

How to motivate the child student to learn

A person, especially a student in school, needs to become interested and needs a purpose or a motive to learn effectively. The teacher has a responsibility to every student in his class to motivate each one to learn. This can be very difficult and yet the teacher has such a wonderful opportunity to motivate and promote learning.

For a person to learn there has to be a need to learn and sometimes the student doesn’t appreciate this need as it needs to be a conscious need. A teacher needs to understand a student’s needs and bring each one to an awareness of this need. When he brings this awareness to the student then he can guide the student and hold his interest in the subject he is teaching. There has to be a recognition of need from the student.

Attention from a student is necessary and essential for learning and this gives a student a feeling of self worth and he wants to put out effort. If a teacher can secure the interest of his pupil and he will do the work assigned and it holds his attention then interest is maintained.

There are two kinds of interest, the positive and the negative. When a student has a positive interest in learning he is getting value because it is something he wants to obtain. Now if he is only having negative interest he may still learn a small portion of what is being taught but not to the extent of positive interest. The student needs to have a desire all his own to learn and not an outside pressure wanting him to learn. He will strive to learn if his interest is positive.

If the student already has an interest in the subject a wise teacher can make use of these interests. He can work towards achieving holding this motivation for learning. Before a teacher can hold his student’s interest he needs to have an understanding of how interests are obtained, and how purposes develop in individuals that cause an appetite for learning.

A person’s daily life, his character, and his personality determine his drive for learning. This interest can lead him to move to action and want to acquire knowledge. He needs a desire or an urge. He also needs an inner drive for the power of knowledge and learning. He also needs the desire to be active, if he is lazy he will not have the desire and urge.

He needs to desire new experiences and to learn. The desire to achieve needs to be in connection with the desire to be active. For a person to succeed a student needs to make progress and want this progress to continue.

A student also needs to have the desire for approval from his parents, from his teachers and his peers. He needs to have the desire for a feeling of accomplishment as this causes him to seek more and more knowledge. He needs to feel proud of his accomplishment.

I have not mentioned all of the desires that lead to motivation and learning but only a few of the primary desires that will be helpful to this process. Motivation and learning go together for achievement.

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