How to motivate teenage son in school

How to motivate teenage son in school

In many states, once a teenager turns sixteen years old, he or she can drop out of school. Some school systems are now reporting an alarming increase in the amount of drop outs that occur yearly. What can parents and educators do to keep these teens in school?

By the time a teenager reaches the age of sixteen, half of the battle may already be lost. Parents need to instill a love of learning when their children are small. Parents should begin reading to their children when they are babies. As children grow, parents should encourage their children to excel in school. High expectations should become evident even when children are in pre-school.

As children move from elementary school into middle school, many kids have left behind academically. If a child falls behind in one subject, a parent should take action immediately. Both parents and teachers should communicate in order to plan a successful course of action.

A child may need extra tutoring, or if there are problems at home, counseling may be in order. If a parent questions their child’s ability, testing may need to be conducted to determine if that child has a learning disability. A learning disability, such as dyslexia, can inhibit a child’s progress in school, and this will leave the child feeling discouraged and inept, prompting even poorer academic performance.

It is also important to encourage your child to be involved in school related activities as much as possible. The more active your child becomes, the less time he’ll have to think about failure. Encourage him to go out for sports and academic teams, band or chorus, and drama. If he is not really the academic type, help him to find a niche that he really loves, such as welding, auto mechanics, carpentry, drafting, and graphic arts. The key to instilling a need and desire for success in your child is to help him find what he is successful at doing.

Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances which can lead to a drop in a child’s grades. These circumstances may include a child’s illness, a recent move, problems at home, such as a divorce or death, or unexplained emotional problems. It is extremely important that these problems be addressed promptly. If left unattended, the problems could escalate, and when a teenager reaches the age the he can legally withdraw from school, he may simply give up.

If you are struggling with a teenager who seems apathetic to his academic career, you need to discern what the root problem might be. If the child is struggling with a particular subject or subjects, he may need extra tutoring. As a parent, you can encourage your child by spending time working with him in the evening. If you don’t feel knowledgeable enough to tutor your child, you can arrange for help from someone else.

Many schools now have afternoon tutoring available to help students who are falling behind. Some schools also have “last chance programs. These programs are typically given at night or on the weekends. They offer students a chance to take a subject or subjects that they have failed so that they might still be able to graduate on time.

As a parent, you should realize that there may be more serious causes behind your teenager’s lack of ambition. Drug abuse is a real problem among teenagers in today’s society. If you feel that your child is exhibiting signs of drug abuse, you should have him tested immediately. If he tests positive, you will need to decide on a direct course of action.

It is also important to remember that even if you succeed in helping your child get off drugs, he will still be inundated with temptation if he is hanging with his same crowd of friends. You and your child may need to make some serious decisions regarding his everyday environment.

Finally, never give up on your child. There may be times when both he and you are discouraged about his academic success. Try to hide your discouragement as much as possible, and, instead, let your child see that you believe in him and have high expectations that he will succeed.


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