How to measure your bra size

How to measure your bra size

Underwear is hidden from prying eyes. And the owner of the bra can forget about its existence if it is comfortable and it fits perfectly. Ill-fated bones should not seek to dig into the chest, and synthetic lace should leave irritation. Although finding the right kit is quite a challenge, we have solved this problem. We share life hacks on how to determine the size of a bra correctly using a table.

The bra is designed to support the bust and emphasize the beauty of the body. Whether you spent money on a branded item or picked up the right one from the budget segment is not so important. Yes, the material can be different and feel different on the skin. But more important is the convenience of underwear. Here’s a step-by-step guide: how to determine exactly what bra size you should be looking for.

How to choose the right bra: basic principles

There are several simple criteria for choosing a bra. Among them are convenience, quality, health safety, service life, and design. If you find a copy that meets all the requirements at once, this will be the ideal option. But no aesthetic can compare with the important point: your bust should be good.

Study your breasts

Before you determine the size of your bra, evaluate your breasts correctly. Its size and shape are reflected not only in letters and numbers but also affect the style of the bra. First of all, a bra should be comfortable. If you wear the wrong bra, it will affect your physical health. For example, regularly wearing a bra without sufficient support will ruin your posture and cause neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Define the function of the bra

A casual T-shirt bra? Or a bra for an open dress? Or maybe a model with strong support for sports? There is no universal bra, so first, understand for yourself why you are buying new underwear. For example, a seamless bra is a great option for everyday wear. Under tight clothing, it will not be noticeable at all. After that, it will become easier to determine the bra size by parameters.

Check if the cups fit well on your chest

Remember that it is advisable to try on underwear, even if your parameters are indicated on it. Before you determine the size of your bra, check how the cups behave. During fitting, they should remain smooth, and the edges should fit exactly to the chest. Then this is the appropriate size.

If the cups are slightly dented or bulging, then most likely you need a smaller size. If your breasts are very bulging out of the cups or you feel that they are very tight, choose a bra with larger cups.

Make sure that the bra fits snugly to your back

Another life hack on how to find out the correct bra size. Evaluate how tightly it fits in the back area. The back of the bra should be parallel to the floor. If it is raised, then the bra will not be able to provide the necessary fixation of the breast. Try on underwear a size smaller.

Notice how the straps fit

Determine the Russian bra size (the difference with the foreign system is significant) as accurately as possible is quite simple. Part of the truth lies in the straps. With a well-chosen size, they should not fall off or unpleasantly dig into the skin. Girls with narrow shoulders are advised to take a closer look at models with a wide back or wrestling back.

How to correctly determine the size of a bra cup: a special table

Statistics show that many women wear inappropriate underwear. Some hunt for a visual increase in the bust, others are shy about their size (yes, and this happens!). And on average, ladies are content only with the beauty of a bra, rush to try it on, and end up buying the wrong thing. One of the main mistakes is choosing small cups with a large bra diameter. In order to avoid it, there is a calculator that makes it easy to determine the size of a bra.

Wear a comfortable bra for measurements

Good service in determining the size of the bra cup, both by letters and numbers, will play a copy from your wardrobe. Choose the one that you feel most comfortable in. It should fit snugly, be soft and not cut into the sides. Next, adjust the cups so that the nipples stand straight. You don’t need to lift anything intentionally. Also, do not slouch – stand as straight as possible.

Measure the girth under your chest

Take a soft measuring tape and stretch it around the chest at the place where the bra bones are located. Write down the measurement in centimeters. A special table that allows you to determine the size of a bra is based on reliable data, and not on those that you dream up.

Use the mirror to adjust the location of the tape. If the measuring tape runs at an angle, you will get the wrong value. The tape should not be too tight or loose. The girth under the chest is usually indicated by even numbers, so take into account your feelings, round the figure in the right direction.

Measure your chest circumference

Before you can correctly determine the size of the bra by numbers and letters, you need to take another measurement. Set the same tape so that it passes in the most protruding place of the chest. Make sure that the tape is smooth, does not constrict the chest, and does not hang out. Write down the number in centimeters.

Before you determine the size of the bra cup, you need not forget about an important point. These data may vary depending on hormones, PMS, and bloating. Therefore, take measurements on the most ordinary days, when nothing physically bothers you.

One breast is bigger than the other this is a very common situation. In this case, start from the size of the larger of the two.

In the united states, determining the size of a bra from the table is as easy as in any other country. Only the final numbers themselves differ. In any case, there is an international table of matching bust sizes. It is easy to use to transfer data from the system of the united states to a foreign one and vice versa

So, how to spell out the size of a bra cup? Subtract the underbust girth from the chest circumference. For example, the chest circumference is 105 cm, and under it – 84 cm. Calculate the size of the cup — 105-84 = 21 or E. Find the resulting number 21 in the table and find out the size in letter format.

Bra Size

After you have learned everything about the cups, the table will tell you how to spell out the size of the bra itself. Here’s an example. Let’s say the cup size is in the letter E, the circumference under the chest is 84 cm, and the chest circumference is 105 cm. According to the chart, our breast size is 85E.

Having understood how to determine the Russian size in the bra size chart, do not forget to check your parameters with the schemes of specific manufacturers. They may differ and mislead you.

How to choose the right bra for the size and shape of the breast

You can use more than just a table to calculate your parameters. You can find an online calculator that helps you determine the size of your brain in a couple of seconds. It is enough to know the circumference of the chest and under it in centimeters and enter this data in two lines.

When buying underwear, it’s not just the size that matters. Consider your own anatomical features. In particular, the elasticity of the mammary glands, their shape, the width of the back, the type of breast, and so on play a role. There are plenty of models, as well as enough reasons to take care of your bust.

Round chest

Most bra styles are suitable for this breast shape. You can choose a bra with an underwire and wide straps. Or, for example, buy a comfortable model with closed cups.

Asymmetrical breasts

Asymmetrical breasts, where one is larger than the other, are very common. Breasts can not only have a different volume but even a different shape. For an asymmetrical one, choosing a bra is as easy as for any other. Soft push-up models or bras with contoured cups are perfect for it.

Conical chest

Judging by the name, such a breast is not round, but cone-shaped. Usually, this form is found in women with small breast sizes. In this case, place bets on bra tops, push-ups, sports bras, and bandeau bras.

Very small breasts

A small breast can be slightly elongated, so it looks even smaller. For a small bust, choose bras with a plunging neckline, bandeau, models with contoured cups, or soft seamless bras.

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