How to manicure at home naturally

How to manicure at home naturally

Everyone dreams of having beautiful nails without going to a beautician. Because we don’t always have the time or money for that. Well, we have good news: a manicure at home is very easy to achieve and the result does not have to be inferior to that of a professional! Just follow the steps and make sure you’re working with good material.

What material do you need for a successful manicure at home?

  • solvent
  • A bowl of lukewarm water
  • a file
  • A pen to push back the cuticles
  • A nail shovel
  • A base layer
  • colored lacquer
  • A top layer

What steps do you follow for a manicure at home?

If you want to do your manicure yourself, carefully follow these steps:

Remove old nail polish properly

To make your manicure at home a success, first, remove the old nail polish with a mild solvent without acetone. Make sure that there is no trace of the old nail polish and clean your hands and nails carefully.

File your nails

This step in the manicure at home gives your nails the right length and shape. Round, square, almond-shaped, or razor-sharp: the choice is yours. Choose a shape that fits well with the shape of your fingers. To make your hands look nicer, a round shape is better than square nails.

Make the sheets soft

For a successful fourth step, dip your fingers in a bowl of lukewarm water to soften unsightly skins for easier removal.

Push back the cuticles

Gently push back the cuticles with a wooden stick or the stick of your manicure set. This step is very important for a successful manicure at home. This way you get rid of small sheets and the nail becomes visually larger in shape.

Polish your nails

If there are irregularities or spots on your nails, you can give them shine and an even color by polishing them. But be careful because you don’t want to damage your nails. You can easily perform this step in the manicure at home with the nail slider in your manicure set.

Moisturize your hands

Always moisturize your hands with a cream intended for this purpose. Pay a lot of attention to your nails: massage the cream in with circular movements. Hydrate your hands and forearms up to your elbows.

Apply a base coat

Once you’ve gone through all the “care steps” of your manicure at home, it’s time to paint your nails (if you want to). Always apply a base coat first to protect your nails and make them stronger.

Apply the nail polish

Apply a first thin coat of lacquer and let it dry for ten minutes – or use a special nail dryer. Then repeat the operation with a slightly thicker layer. The result is more intense and your nails are extra strong.

Finish with the top layer

Finally, apply the topcoat. This way you ensure beautifully shiny nails, so that the result of your manicure at home lasts extra long.

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