How to make your own unique raffle tickets

How to make your own unique raffle tickets

Raffles is one of the easiest and varied events that organizations can do to increase their funds. With some great prizes, a theme or style, some planning and time, plus a ticket, raffles can be fun.

A raffle ticket usually consists of two parts; one part remains with the raffle sponsor in a drum or box for selection while the other part goes to the purchaser for reference and prize claiming. All tickets should have the following information included:

Tracking Reference this should be on both parts of the ticket so a match can be made when claiming the prize.

Contact Information A name, address, e-mail address, or phone number for the sponsor to contact the winning recipient. Raffle Information The date/time of the raffle, prizes awarded, what the raffle supports, and whether the individual must be present to win or not.

This basic information is sufficient, but can be expanded on or individualized for a truly unique raffle ticket. Use a few of these ideas, or expand on them, to spice up your next raffle.

Tracking References don’t have to be numbered; though this is the easiest and sometimes most accurate method. You can change the tracking reference to suit the raffle theme or prizes. If movies (passes or DVDs) are the prize, use movie titles as the tracking reference. Fit the movie titles for the age group; classic titles for the older crowd and animation titles for the youngest.

If books are the prize, use book titles in the same manner. State names or capitols, bird species, dog breeds, candy flavors, or flower names are all great tracking references and add a bit of excitement to the process. Announcing that The Wizard of Oz has won and found out who has the ticket is a lot more fun than seeing who has ticket #23456.

Use theme-corresponding fonts to highlight the raffle information on the ticket. A Halloween raffle must have spooky, blood-dripping lettering. An Easter raffle could have colored, striped eggs instead of the letter “o,” or an elegant auction of wine or art should be done in fancy, scripted font. Even the color of the lettering will make a difference. A St. Patrick’s Day raffle must be green in color, school raffles can be done in the school colors, while a Valentine’s Day raffle calls for pink or red ink.

The ticket itself can be unique and theme related. First, select a contrasting color for your ticket; orange for fall or for the basketball’s raffle, red for Valentine’s Day or raffling off roses, or even a bright neon color so the ticket will stand out.

Then consider shaping the ticket. If a car is being raffled, cut the tickets out in the shape of a compact car, movie ticket shapes are easy, just add a little artwork, vacation raffles can be in the shape of ships, palm trees, or luggage. Stick to the basics, easy shapes, not too much wording, and, of course, appropriate wording. Insulting or confusing the purchaser will only lead to diminishing ticket sales.

Be certain you can separate the two parts of the ticket easily or employ a carbon copy sheet so each person (sponsor and purchaser) has the needed information.

With a little time and artistic creativity, you’ll have booming sales for your next raffle and that can only mean success.

With a little time

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