How to make your own tiered plant stand

How to make your own tiered plant stand

If you are a plant lover, as many people are,

you might well display your plants on wall hangers and plant stands.

A tiered wooden plant stand is a great piece of furniture to display your plants on, especially if you have plants that are different sizes. A tiered wooden plant stand can have different – sized plant holders that swivel back and forth. This way, you can stagger the holders so that all of your plants can be seen at once.

The first step in making your own tiered plant stand is to figure out how tall you want it to be. Also, you will need to decide how many plant holders you want, and how big each one will be. Then, you will need to purchase some pieces of wood, some wooden spindles, and some hardware. The spindles need to have threaded shafts on one end, and threaded receptacles on the other end. Softer wood such as pine is easier to work with, but hardwoods such as Cherry, Maple, or Walnut is much sturdier.

Your tiered wooden plant stand will first need a suitable base. The base will need to be large enough so it can support the rest of the stand. So, measure and cut out a large circle in a piece of thick wood. If your stand is going to be relatively small, a fifteen – inch circle should do the trick. Now, measure, mark, and drill a hole in the exact center of the circle. The hole should be the size of the threaded shaft that is on the spindles. Be sure you make the hole only as deep as the shaft is long. Thread one of the shafts of a spindle into the hole tightly.

It’s time to start making the plant holders. Since you are working on the bottom, these need to be the biggest ones on the plant stand. If it helps you to visualize this project, think of this tiered wooden plant stand as being shaped similar to a Christmas tree. If, for example, you plan to make three rows of plant holders, the largest row can be about eight inches in diameter. Then, the middle row can be six inches in diameter, and the smallest row can be about four inches in diameter. The actual dimensions of the plant holders are up to you, of course.

Measure, mark and cut out two pieces of wood that are circles with small rectangular handles on them. If you need to visualize again, these pieces will be shaped similar to a ping pong paddle. The handles will need to be long enough so you can drill a hole near the end. This hole will slip over a long threaded shaft in the center hole. The handle will also need to be long enough so the circle (plant holder) on the other end, sticks out far enough to be seen. To finish the holders, you’ll need to measure, mark, and drill a hole in the exact center of each circle.

Screw a long, threaded shaft into the top of the existing receptacle. Slip the wooden plant holders over the shaft, and hold them in place. Now, place another spindle onto the top of the threaded shaft and screw it down firmly. Don’t screw it too tightly or you won’t be able to move the plant holders.

To finish the rest of your own tiered wooden plant stand, you will need to simply repeat the process that is described above two more times. At the top of your plant stand, you will need a small, decorative spindle to top it off with. Once you have your plant stand completely built, you can then take it apart and stain, paint, or otherwise finish the wood the way you choose. Then, after it has completely dried, reassemble it, and it will be ready to display your favorite plants.

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