How to make your own throw pillows

How to make your own throw pillows

Creating your own throw pillow is an easy craft project that advanced or beginner crafters can enjoy. With a large variety of outcomes due to various patterns, shapes, and fabrics, a homemade pillow can make a unique and personal gift. Use some of these ideas and tips to start the ball rolling but don’t stop there you are only limited by your imagination.


Fabric Scrapes/Napkins/Pillow Cases/Quilts

Polymer Stuffing
Sewing Machine
Needle & Thread
Two-Sided Tape
Zipper (Optional)
decor fabric/flowers/ribbon/bells/tassels

To Make a Basic Pillow:

Measure two pieces of fabric approximately two inches larger than the desired end result.
With the reverse side of the fabric facing out, pin one side of the pillow fabrics together.
Before stitching, make certain the fabric patterns match at all points, adjust if necessary.
If a zipper is to be added for ease of cleaning, pin one side of the zipper to an edge of the fabric and stitch either by hand or with a sewing machine.
Stitch the other side of the zipper to the second piece of fabric.
Pin the corners of the pillow together.
Stitch, by hand or with a sewing machine either all the way around the pillow if a zipper has been added or three sides of the pillow if no zipper is to be installed.
Turn the fabric right side out.
Evenly stuff the pillow with desired stuffing.
Stitch the remaining side if necessary.

To dress up a basic pillow add ribbons of various patterns and colors to the outside of the fabric before stitching together. For a holiday theme or elegant touch, add tassels or bells to each corner of a pillow. For a truly unique, one-of-a-kind pillow, sew or glue fake flowers, jewels, faux fur, feathers, or felt patches to a basic pillow. This activity can keep young crafters busy and works well as a party favor or slumber party gift.

A memorable pillow can be created by scanning a photo onto fabric, available at fabric and office supply stores as well as home computers, and then sewing the pillow with this fabric. To make a pillow of changing memories, creating a fabric frame from scrapes that will hold a regular photograph in place on the top of the pillow. This photo can be changed to suit the guest or holiday.

Consider the personality and hobbies of the person receiving the pillow and suit the shape or color to fit their needs. A dog lover might enjoy a bone-shaped pillow; a gardener might enjoy a flowery pillow, while a home of all-white furnishing might appreciate a solid pillow of one bright color.

For crafters that are all thumbs, a no-stitch pillow can be made. Keep in mind the pillow may not last as long as a stitched one or withstand a lot of abuse, but will still make a great impression or gift. Utilize fabric napkins and strong double-sided tape. Lay one napkin on a flat surface with the right side facing down. Cut double-sided tape to the size of the edges and apply. Place the remaining napkin on top and before sealing, stuff.

Add an initial, design, or name with fabric paint and place on each chair for a special dinner seating arrangement and a welcome take-home gift. Even let your guest know the pillows were made of napkins; if they don’t like the pillows, simply disassemble and they have usable napkins of their own.

Add an initial

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