How to make your own team t-shirts

How to make your own team t-shirts

Creative Ideas for Personalizing Your Own Team T-shirts

Creativity and a few art supply items are all you need to create your own track and field team T-shirts. Specialized shirts for any sport at all are easy to make and even easier to order from a professional merchandise printer. Considering your teammate’s budgets, the shirt’s desired look and turnaround, decide whether you would like to design the shirts yourself or have them done professionally.

Many considerations go into designing team clothing. Because these T-shirts are for the entire team, all interests and tastes will need to be considered. For a track and field team, the best option may be to break the team down into specific events and order a variety of shirts for pole vaulters, sprinters, long distance and mid-distance runners, throwers, jumpers and so forth. With each segment of the team having their own individual shirts, teammates may feel more of a bond with their respective squad members.

Before beginning to design team shirts or ordering them from a printer, teams should consider a few factors. The desired shirt color, color of the text on the shirts, the type of design and who is artistic enough to create it, and also what designs or text may be displayed on the back of the shirt are all very important for creating an attractive athletic team T-shirt.


When thinking about the type of shirt you would like to design for your athletic team, vote on a particular color, or select one of your team colors. With a white shirt, you will be able to have multi-colored designs that will stand out sharply, though you can get colored prints on darker shirts as well. Darker colored shirts are often slightly more expensive to purchase than plain white tees. Consider the color of your shirt itself as well as the text and design colors. Bear in mind that adding more colors to the equation generally elevates the cost of each shirt, especially if a professional printer produces your shirts.

If you are designing the shirts yourself, purchase a few packages of men’s T-shirts at a discount store or superstore. Using permanent paint, fabric markers, iron-on transfers, and even transfers printed off your computer bring your desired design to life on the T-shirt.

Main design

With the front of the shirt being the most prominent feature, selecting an appropriate logo is paramount. Whether you use your team’s mascot logo, a sketch or some artwork designed by a teammate or a small bit of text announcing your team name, the design on the front of the shirt is what will identify you and your team.

If you and your teammates are having a difficult time configuring your T-shirts in your minds, hold a mini-contest to see which team member can design the coolest shirt. After all, entries have been collected, allow everyone to see the options and vote on their favorite choice. Once the winner has been selected, he or she could be rewarded by receiving his or her shirt for free!

Sayings and other fun things

As you begin to design your shirts, keep in mind all your team’s inside jokes and favorite quotes. With fabric markers or iron-on transfers, you can put teammates’ names and numbers on the back of their shirts, or you can add a special quote or silly team joke.

If you are soliciting a merchandise printer to create your shirts for you, you will need to specify the particular font style and size for each section of printed text on your shirt. You will also need to decide exactly where you want the text to be printed… right or left chest, centered, across the back, down the sleeve, etc.

T-shirts can be custom created to fit just about any budget. Years down the road when your teammates have scattered and embarked upon their professional careers, you will all appreciate the personalized shirts you created together to hold onto the memories.

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