How to make your own shower gel

How to make your own shower gel

The cost of bath and beauty products just keeps getting more and more out of hand. If you like specific products and brand names, it can end up costing you a small fortune just to get clean in the morning! Fortunately, many of these products can be made at home for much less than the retail price, and can even be formulated to your own specifications.

The shower gel is very easy to make and most people are surprised when they learn what is actually in this expensive product! For just a few dollars you can make enough shower gel to last you and your friends all year!

Ingredients you’ll need:

½ cup unscented shampoo
ÂĽ cup water
Âľ teaspoon table salt
15 drops fragrance oil
Food coloring (optional)

Pour the shampoo and water into a bowl and stir until they are mixed together. Add salt, oil, and food coloring, and stir. You’re done! You’ve just made your own shower gel!

If you have sensitive skin it’s a good idea to look for unscented shampoo made for babies, as it will be easier on your skin. If you have a favorite scented shampoo you can use that, and leave out the fragrance oil.

Fragrance oils can be found at almost any place that carries beauty supplies. If you aren’t sure what scent you’d like to try first, spend some time smelling the oils and find something you really like. Or, think about other products that you really like and see if you can find a similar scent. Also, because the shower gel is cheap and easy to make, you can easily create more than one scent. Mixing and matching scents can be fun, so don’t hesitate to play around and come up with something very unique! Kiwi, strawberry, coconut, vanilla and raspberry extracts are all very popular to mix and match, or just use alone.

If you’d like to create a shower gel that will also exfoliate, you may want to add course ground salt to the recipe and the salt will gently exfoliate the skin as you wash. The amount of salt you will want to add will depend upon how course you’d like the product to become. Add one teaspoon at a time until you are satisfied with its consistency.

You should think about where you’d like to store your shower gel. Manufacturers usually put their product in a container that can be sealed again after each use. Sealing your product after each use is a good idea to keep dust, hair, and other contaminants out and to keep the great scents locked in. Most beauty stores carry attractive storage bottles or containers that that would be ideal for storing your shower gel. If you want to get creative, you can even take the time to decorate or personalize the bottles with paint or beads.

A personalized bottle of shower gel makes a great gift or party favor. Making shower gel would also be a great shower or party activity for something different and creative to do. A bottle of shower gel would easily slip into a Christmas stocking for the ultimate stocking stuffer! Your imagination and creativity are your only limitations!

A personalized bottle