How to make your own scented body oil

How to make your own scented body oil


½ cup safflower oil
½ cup sweet almond oil

½ cup dried rose petals
2 sprigs of larkspur
4 drops of vitamin E oil
4 drops of rose essential oil

Please make sure that you do not use fresh rose petals or any dried ones from potpourries. You can find dried petals that are free from pesticides and preservatives from your local health store.

If you can’t find any dried flowers for this project, you can omit them because they are only for decorative purposes only. You may wish to use dried organically grown herbs in place of the dried flower petals.

If you are using flowers, place them into the bottle that is to be used to store the body oil. You may find it easier to use a bottle that has a wide mouth. The bottle has to be big enough to hold 1 & ½ cups plus of liquid; or you can use two or three smaller bottles, depending on the size. Pour all the different types of oil into the bottle and cap it. Shake the bottle well before each use. The scented body oil will keep for about twelve months.

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