How to make your own porch swing

How to make your own porch swing

A porch swing is a great place for you and your family to relax on balmy summer nights. If you don’t already have one, you can build your own porch swing to enjoy for years to come!

The first step in this project, as with any other, is to plan how large you want your swing to be. Normally, a hanging swing accommodates two adults comfortably. Therefore, it should be about five feet wide and about two feet deep. You will also need to purchase pressure-treated hardwood and galvanized chain, fasteners, and hardware to construct your porch swing with.

This porch swing that you are going to build can be built one of two ways. It can be built with a standard frame and slats, or, it can be built by using a frame topped with pieces of wood; the choice is up to you.

The next step is to begin making the frame. You’ll need three-inch hardwood for the seat frame. Two pieces will need to measure about five feet long, and you’ll also need side pieces that are about two feet long. Arrange the pieces of hardwood so that they form a rectangle.

Then, use long, galvanized wood screws to secure the corners together. Measure and cut two more pieces of hardwood to fit inside the frame from end to end. Position these equally apart and secure them inside the frame with additional long wood screws; these pieces will serve as reinforcements.

Next, you’ll need to make the frame for the back of the porch swing. You’ll need two more pieces of hardwood the exact length you used for the seat frame. Plus, you’ll need two more short pieces- again, the same size as the side pieces on the seat frame- to make another rectangle. Use galvanized wood screws to secure the corners together. Then, measure and cut two more pieces of hardwood to fit inside the frame as reinforcements. Position them equally apart too, then secure them to the frame by using long wood screws.

Now, you’ll need to connect the seat frame and the back frame together. You can do this by placing the back on top of the seat and aligning the two. Place a long wood screw in both corners, and about five inches apart in between the corners.

The fourth step in this project is to attach the arms to the frame. Measure and cut two pieces of the hardwood approximately a foot in length. Then, measure and cut two more pieces. These will need to be about sixteen inches long. The shorter pieces will be the arm supports, while the longer ones will serve as the arm rests.

Position the arm supports vertically on the frame where you want them. Secure each piece by inserting a wood screw up through the frame into the bottom. Then, position the arm rests horizontally across the supports so that they touch the frame in the back. Use additional wood screws to secure the armrests to the top of the arm supports and to the back of the frame too.

The fifth step is to attach the slats or the pieces of wood to the seat and to the back of the porch swing. Either way, you’ll need to measure and cut enough pieces so that the seat and back are completely covered. Space them equally apart, and be sure that you leave a quarter of an inch gap between each piece. Secure each slat or wood piece down with long wood screws.

The sixth step is to attach a medium-sized screw hoop to each armrest in the front. Then, attach screw hoops to the bottom sides of the frame; one on each side. Finally, attach two more hoops – one on each side- of the top of the back. These medium screw hoops will hold the hanging chain.

Finally, hook up two lengths of galvanized chain to your porch swing. Then, secure two large, heavy-duty screw hoops into studs on your porch ceiling. Make sure they are spaced apart so the swing will hang evenly. Hang the chains to the hoops and enjoy your new porch swing! You can paint or stain it if you desire to finish the wood.


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