How to make your own picture frames

How to make your own picture frames

Homemade decorative picture frames are fun and easy to create. Why spend a small fortune on fancy store-bought picture frames when you can design your own unique creations?

When making the following decorative picture frames, you can use either plain wooden frames as a base, or you can use precut cardboard mats. The base you chose for your frame depends on the look you are trying to achieve. Wooden frames add more dimension to your photos, while flat cardboard-based frames provide a different look altogether.

You can create a unique frame that has the appearance of expensive leather material. This frame is very quick and easy to make. For this project you will require a frame for the base of your project, brown shoe polish, and masking tape.

Begin by ripping off one or two-inch pieces of masking tape. Place them randomly on the frame you have chosen. Overlap and crisscross the strips of tape in various directions. Don’t be too picky about the placement of the tape. There is no right or wrong way to apply it.

After the entire frame has been covered with tape, go over it with a coat of brown shoe polish. The polish works like a stain to give the frame a natural leather appearance. Allow the frame to dry completely before adding a picture for display.

Another decorative picture frame can be made using wallpaper. For this simple project, you will need a wallpaper of your choice, a basic frame, wallpaper paste, a paintbrush, and sharp-pointed scissors.

You can make beautiful frames to match the wallpaper in a particular room. One way to do this is by cutting out graphics and designs from the border you have paired with coordinating wallpaper. Your frames will go nicely with the decorative border and the wallpaper you have chosen.

Begin by cutting out the graphics and designs from excess wallpaper border. If you aren’t trying to match wallpaper already used in your home, chose any paper you desire. Apply wallpaper paste to the frame of your choice. Apply the cutouts so they are overlapping as they would in a mosaic. Apply wallpaper paste to the tops of the cutouts as well so the overlapped portions adhere to one another. Set the completed frame aside to dry thoroughly before adding a picture for display.

Special painting techniques can be used to embellish an ordinary picture frame. For this simple project, you will need a plain wooden or cardboard frame, acrylic craft paint in colors of your choice, scrap paper, water, waxed paper, and a clean sponge or rag.

Begin by deciding what paint colors you’d like for your frame, and put the appropriate amounts on a piece of waxed paper. Thin the paint with a small amount of water if necessary. Use a piece of scrap paper to try various methods and techniques of paint application. Try using several colors on the same frame. This is a good way to discover the look you want to achieve before applying it to the actual picture frame.

Sponges create patterns different from rags. Practice painting while using a rag and a sponge to help decide which tool of application to use. You may decide to use both. After practicing and getting a feel for the technique, dab one color at a time over the face of the entire frame. Set it aside to dry completely before framing and hanging a picture.

You’ll love the look of these decorative frames. They make wonderful gifts to give with special photos of loved ones, pets, or scenic snapshots. Make several to give as all-occasion gifts. Everyone loves beautiful one-of-a-kind picture frames.

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