How to make Your Own Pet Carrier

How to make Your Own Pet Carrier

Need a pet carrier in a hurry?

Make one yourself. You can use many different things to fashion a pet carrier as long as the object is safe for pets. A cardboard box is one example. Tape or glue the box completely shut on all sides. Set the box on a table and cut a flap on one end. Start by cutting up one side, across the top then down the other side. Leave the bottom uncut to use as a hinge.

Upholstery the box with fabric or decorative paper. Inside you can make a pillow for the pup to rest. For a handle buy strap material and use contact cement to glue the handle from the bottom of one side, up and across the top, and down the other side. Cut holes in the sides and top to allow pets to breathe when the flap is closed. To make a closure for the flap simply sew or glue on a piece of elastic and a button.

A duffel bag is another great way to make a carrier. The handles are already built in and the upholstery is already in place. The only thing left to do is to cut a flap out of one end of the bag and make breathing holes. You can make the breathing holes by cutting very narrow strips from the sides of the bag. Cut the strips vertically and not too close together.

Choose one end of the duffle bag and cut three sides, leaving the bottom uncut. You can install a zipper or simply use a piece of elastic and a button to keep it closed. The zipper method is much better since it doesn’t allow gaps between the bag and the flap. Start the zipper at one end of the flap and tack it across the bottom. Sew the zipper up and around the flap shape. Tack the ends of the zipper at the end of the side of the flap.

If you have a really small dog you can use a fairly large purse as a carrier. Simply place breathing holes here and there on the purse and use the zipper or snap already installed as the entrance and exit for the pup.

Even a clothes basket can be used as a pet carrier. Simply make or buy a pillow for the bottom and fashion some handles. You can purchase handles, made for purses, which simply snap into place. Or you can tie rope through the openings of the basket to use for handles. There are already plenty of breathing holes for the pup. It helps to bend the top sides of the basket to change the round shape of the basket into something more appropriate for carrying.

Five wire racks and a baking sheet can also be formed into a carrier. You’ll need three rectangular wire racks, all the same size. You’ll also need two square racks which are the same size along with a metal cookie baking sheet. You decide how long and tall you need the carrier to be and choose the wire racks accordingly.

The square racks should be the same height as the rectangular ones. Lay one rectangular rack on a table. Use bread ties or small wires to fasten the rectangular racks to the side of the top rack. Now wire the end racks on to the side racks. To attach the bottom pan use wires which go from the side rack, under the pen, and over to the other side rack. Make sure to leave one square rack wired in a way that will allow you to open it easily as an entryway. Place a pillow in the bottom for comfort.

The square racks

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