How to make your own personalized clock face

How to make your own personalized clock face

Creating a unique and personalized clock, by altering the face, is an easy, fun project for all ages. The results can add that finishing touch or even a bit of holiday spirit to any room. Personalized clocks make a perfect party activity/favor as well as a long-remembered gift.


Plastic Clock Wall or Desktop

Paper Towels
Measuring Tape
Cardstock or Photo Paper
Clip Art/Photos/Wallpaper/Graphics/Stickers/Cards
Computer/Printer/Scanner (Optional)

When purchasing clocks for this project, lower cost/warehouse stores are best. Many of these stores have wall or desktop clocks for a few dollars, and if purchasing in bulk for a classroom or party activity, discounts may be available. Don’t be afraid to inquire about the management of the store for a price reduction.


Remove the clock from the packaging and take out the batteries if already installed.

Lie the clock face up on a pad of paper towels.

Remove the faceplate of the clock by gently popping it away from the face. Most clocks have tabs or notches that when pressed, will pop up the faceplate. To avoid scratching the faceplate, place a paper towel over one of the notches and apply pressure with a screwdriver through the towel until the faceplate can be removed.

Remove the hands of the clock and set aside. Hands are usually stacked on a rod that is held together by a screw. Keep in mind that the hands need to be restacked in their original order. Usually the order from lowest to high; hour hand, minute hand and second hand; but take note with your own particular clock.

Pop-out or peel out the clock’s current face. If using a computer to upgrade the face, measure the current clock face diameter with measuring tape. A circle can be drawn in most drawing programs that match the diameter. If a computer isn’t to be used, trace the outside of the current clock face onto cardstock or photo paper and cut out with scissors. Trim this circle to fit the inside face if needed. Create a number of extra faceplate bases so a variety can be created.

Mark the circle with the clock’s numbers. Changing the numbers to display only three, six, nine, and twelve will add room for the face display. However, keep in mind the recipient of the clock those just learning to tell time will need to have all the numbers on the face.

Use your creative juices and imagination to decorate the face with only the restriction of maintaining a flat surface. Computer graphics, scanned photos, and drawing programs can be helpful if trying to create a professional-looking clock face. Scissors and glue work well, however, with careful planning and placement. Apply photos, stickers, room-matching wallpaper, old Valentines, favorite phrases, or simply draw and color the face. Keep in mind when completely very detailed work that the hands will block the view of the face every so often. Print out the computer face and cut along the exterior or allow a homemade face to dry completely.

Align the new face over the old and be certain it’s centered. Make a pencil dot to mark the middle and punch out the center for the hand rod. Place the new face over the hand rod and secure it to the clock with glue. Restack the hands as they were removed and screw in place. Place the faceplate and batteries back in the clock.

Hang in place or wrap as a gift and await the endless streams of compliments. Be certain to change the face with each special event, season, or holiday to keep those compliments coming.

Hang in place

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