How to make your own monogram bag or purse

How to make your own monogram bag or purse

Making a monogram bag or purse is a fun craft idea, as it lets you create something that appeals to you, with a personal touch.

When making a monogram bag or purse, you first have to decide what function the bag is going to serve, as that will most likely determine the material and type of monogram you can use. There are two basic types of material you can monogram: plastic, or cloth.

If you would like to monogram a plastic bag, for example a tote or a small purse, the best option is to get an adhesive monogram or initial. These can be purchased at most fabric or craft stores. This happens to be the easiest option, because in most cases, all you have to do is peel the backing from the letter, and then stick the letter directly on the surface. Just be careful when you begin to place it that it is exactly where you want it, as many times the adhesive is permanent.

If a cloth or fabric bag is more your style, you have a couple options as well. For a sturdy bag, canvas is a good selection, and also the most versatile when it comes to monograms.

With a canvas or cloth bag, you can use iron-on letters, jeweled letters, or embroidery to monogram the bag. You can purchase iron-on letters at fabric stores, in felt, vinyl or jewels to embellish the bag. If you are using an iron-on, place your iron on the cotton/wool setting and allow it to warm up for a few minutes. Once it is hot enough, place the letter as you want it to appear on the bag, usually face down.

In some cases, depending on the fabric, you may need to put another layer of cloth down to absorb the heat and help the letter to transfer more evenly. Press for about 10-12 seconds, take the iron off to cool the material, and repeat as needed. In some instances, depending on the material of the iron-on monogram, you should turn the bag inside out, and press it from the inside as well. This will be the case for any monogram that has a glue or heat-sensitive back to it that melts when it is pressed with heat.

If hand sewing is your forte, try cross-stitching or needlepointing your initial(s) of choice directly onto the bag with your favorite color thread and a needle. Make sure you pick a small needle, and use 3-4 strands of six of cross-stitch thread. This is also readily available at most craft and fabric stores. It comes in a variety of colors so you have a large selection to choose from. You can find letter patterns in cross-stitch books or even design your own pattern, using a pencil lightly to make your design, and go over it in thread after. The result is a handmade work of art!

Whatever your choice, monogramming a purse or bag makes a great gift not only for yourself but for others as well!


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