How to make your own magnetic game

How to make your own magnetic game

Kids love magnets and so it just seems reasonable to use that to go along with educating children. Many companies make magnetic letters and numbers which have always been a good way to get kids to learn. So taking magnets and making new learning games for kids just seems to be a logical step.

A real easy project that can be done by just about anyone is to take math flash cards and attach magnetic strips to the back. Cut out an area at the bottom of the card where a child can fit one or more of the number magnets, depending on what the answer is. So now the child will be able to look at the number magnets and pick which one he or she believes is the answer. They can fit the number in to the space provided to see the full equation.

A more complex idea would be to look through magazines and books looking for pictures of items your child has an interest in and are of differing quantities. Take those pictures and stick magnetic strips on the back. Now cut the pictures so that each individual item has its own piece. Try to cut it so each piece is very unique and so that the whole picture can only really fit back together one way, but make sure the puzzle will be easy for the child to figure out. Have the child count the items as he puts the picture back together.

A fun, less directly educational idea would be to make a magnetic face. Go through magazines and find interesting faces, try to keep them all about the same size, although it can be fun to make a small variety so that the final faces can look sillier with over sized or under sized features. You just would not want to have one set of features that would be bigger than the basic face template you will create. Now cut up the faces so that you have separate eyes, noses, mouths, ears and hair.

You might even want to cut out some mustaches and beards. Also, you might want to keep some sets of eyes connected if the person has glasses on, but in general, it will be more fun to have separate right and left eyes. Obviously you will want all of these pieces mounted on magnetic strips. Once you have your collection of facial pieces, now you will want to look at what the average size of the face should be. Build a basic face and look at that to figure out the size. Now cut out a face-shaped outline from the white paper that fits that size, leaving off the ears.

Mount the face outline on magnetic strips and you have a simple game that kids can play with for hours. This is one that can be updated with new pieces as you see new faces that are unique and amusing to give more character to the faces that can be created. You can even let the child help pick out new facepieces to add so that they can have some say in adding to their face creating system.

A helpful thing to do on any of these ideas to help make the games last longer is to cover the front of the pieces with transparent lamination. This will help keep the wear and tear on the pieces down, allowing for a longer life.

Such simple magnetic toys are easy to build and will give your child hours of fun that can help to teach them at the same time.

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