How to make your own lipstick

How to make your own lipstick

Modern stores offer a wide range of lipsticks and lip glosses for every taste and budget. There are the most unusual shades of blue, black, and other colors available for a themed party. However, there are several ways to make lipstick with your own hands. Such a product will definitely turn out to be original, its composition will be safe and will not harm the skin, and the cost will be lower than the store price. The main thing is to choose the most suitable recipe and not be afraid to experiment.

Pros and cons of homemade lipstick

Despite the abundance of products in stores, there are still those who prefer homemade cosmetics. In addition, such products are in demand, so the masters easily sell them to everyone. Those who have already experienced handmade cosmetics, made with high quality and soul, can highlight several advantages::

  • cost — it does not include store margins and labor remuneration;
  • availability — you can buy or order missing ingredients in the online store;
  • composition-lipstick can be made from natural and safe ingredients.

However, to make a tool that will not differ from the purchased ones, you will need practice. Beginners find it difficult to use pigments and calculate their amount to get the right shade. In addition, the shelf life of home cosmetics is shorter, but it can be extended by adding special preservatives.

Preparing tools and ingredients

Lipstick is made from several components. Ingredients in many recipes are interchangeable, but there are main groups that can not be dispensed with. To prepare this product, you may need the following components::

  • base-this fraction is represented by wax, as well as oils, in some recipes there is vaseline;
  • additional fraction — vitamins and nutrients;
  • colorants (natural or purchased), flavorings, flavorings;
  • preservatives-optional, used to extend the shelf life.

You should also prepare tools and utensils for making lipstick in advance. You will need a large container in which the ingredients will be mixed, a syringe and a pipette, as well as a small spoon for stirring. To store the finished product, you can take a jar or a special Injection-molded jar(you can use an empty container from purchased cosmetics).

The best way to prepare for the process is to watch how to make lipstick at home on video. Many masters are not afraid to share their secrets and shoot training videos. Here you can see how each stage of cooking goes and how the result is obtained.

How to create a beautiful color at home

The simplest recipe is colorless hygienic lipstick or gloss. These products are tasteless and odorless, but they moisturize the lips well and are suitable for everyday makeup. To add color, you can buy special pigments-they are sold in specialized stores. However, they can be replaced with simple and affordable natural dyes that give an equally bright and rich shade.

Extra Red

Bright red lipstick should be in every makeup bag. It is also suitable for a daytime look, but it looks especially impressive in evening makeup. If you do not have special pigments at hand, you can prepare them yourself, from products with a high content of natural dyes.:

  • beetroot juice;
  • alkane root, dried and ground into powder.

To get a rich pigment, sliced beets must be soaked for 2 days in liquid oil, which will then be used to make lipstick. The powder is added to the melted butter in a ratio of 1: 2, and then cooled and filtered through a cheesecloth. Tinted oil will give a bright red hue to the finished product.

Brown shades

Dark brown shades look expensive and do not go out of fashion. Purchased pigments can easily be replaced with safe and natural additives. So, ground cinnamon will add a brown hue and a special aroma — it is enough to add it to a well-heated oil, and then strain it if there are particles that have not dissolved. The cocoa powder dissolves perfectly and gives the product a chic chocolate shade, smell and taste.

Extravagant colors

The easiest way to make any rainbow-colored lipstick is with wax-textured crayons. It is enough to crumble them and combine them with ordinary wax, which makes up the main fraction of lipstick. In addition, there are now edible crayons on sale. They are designed to prevent children from getting poisoned by them if they accidentally get into their mouths, but they are also great for creating black, green, blue, purple, and other lipsticks.

New lipstick from leftovers

If you have a few lipsticks in your makeup bag that are almost finished, you don’t need to get rid of them right away. Instead, you can make a radically new shade out of them and use it for a long time. The procedure is simple, it can be carried out at home:

  1. Get all the remaining lipsticks and collect them in one container.
  2. Melt the mixture in a water bath and mix thoroughly.
  3. Collect the mass in the syringe and fill one of the containers, well cleaning it from the contents.

The finished lipstick should be kept at room temperature until it hardens. You can add sparkles and flavorings to the mix to refresh the product a little.

How to make a lipstick out of shadows

Eye shadow can be used as a dye. Beige, burgundy, brown, black, matte, or with glitter — you can always choose the right option in their assortment. Shadows should be added to the melted mass and mixed thoroughly so that the pigments are evenly distributed.

Technology of making lipstick at home

Cooking fudge at home is available to everyone. There are a huge number of recipes and their variations, but the basic technology remains the same. The process will take no more than half an hour if you prepare all the necessary components in advance.

  1. At the first stage, it is necessary to warm up all the substances in a water bath. To do this, a large container is filled with water and put on fire, bringing the liquid to a boil. In a small saucepan, put all the ingredients for lipstick, and place the container so that its bottom is slightly submerged in water.
  2. Waxes and oils quickly become hot and runny. At this point, you can remove the container from the heat and add additional ingredients: pigments, flavors, sparkles and sweeteners.
  3. The liquid mass must be poured into containers until it has hardened. To do this, you will need a regular syringe — it can be purchased at a pharmacy.

To make the consistency of lipstick soft enough, it is important to observe the proportions. Wax, liquid, and solid oil are combined in a ratio of 3:3:4. To measure their amount, you can use a kitchen scale or measuring spoon.

Recipes for various types of funds

Recipes of lipsticks can be changed and combined with each other. The number of additional components is unlimited. If desired, you can combine components for volume and vitamin complexes, as well as add a little shine and flavor.

How to make a hygienic lipstick

Hygienic lipstick should be in every cosmetic bag. It is colorless, protects lips from wind and sun, adds natural shine and volume. A good product does not spread, is applied evenly, can have a pleasant smell. It can be prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. Combine wax and solid butter (cocoa, avocado, coconut or other), cook in a water bath until melted.
  2. Remove from heat, pour in liquid oil (olive, jojoba, grape seed).
  3. When the mixture has cooled slightly, add 1-2 drops of essential oils as desired.

For hygienic lipstick, you can take a regular Injection-molded jar.

If you don’t have one at home, a small glass or aluminum jar will do. The product is convenient to store in such containers and apply with a brush.

Lipstick for herpes

The recipe is not much different from making regular hygienic lipstick. The difference is that along with the liquid components, you will need to add an ampoule of vitamin E (tocopherol). The composition of this lipstick is different from pharmacy ointments, but it helps well against the manifestations of herpes. Vitamin improves the condition of the skin and protects against the formation of scars.

Lipstick for voluminous lips

The secret to creating voluminous lips is cosmetic mica. It is a mineral pigment that refracts light and gives your lips a pearly sheen. It is available in various shades, and you can also purchase a colorless version. Mika, along with dyes and a drop of essential oil, is added to the slightly cooled wax mixture and mixed thoroughly.

Nourishing lipstick

It is also made according to the standard recipe. Its difference lies in its greasy texture, which is well absorbed and moisturizes the lips. To do this, you can slightly increase the concentration of solid oil and reduce the amount of wax. A few drops of vitamins A and E will also be useful — they can be purchased at the pharmacy. After solidification, it is better to store the lipstick at room temperature or in a cool room, and when applying it, also use a lip pencil — so it will not go beyond the contours.

Matte lipstick

There is one way to make a regular lipstick matte. To do this, you will need to purchase additional components in a specialized store — zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They are safe for health and are widely used in the manufacture of cosmetics. 80 ml of the first and 10 g of the second is sufficient for lipstick, which is prepared from 20 g of wax. And you can also do makeup so that the glossy lipstick looks matte. To do this, after applying it, the lips are covered with a dry cloth, and on top of it, they are powdered with a brush.

Shiny lipstick for voluminous lips

Bright shine in the composition of lipstick is especially suitable for young girls. A soft mother-of-pearl shade looks appropriate in the makeup of older women. In addition, the gloss visually increases the lips, making them softer and more voluminous. There are several ways to achieve this effect in cosmetics of our own production:

  • mica is a mineral pigment that can be used for lipsticks and lip balms, as well as for eye shadows and skin lotions;
  • regular glitter — it looks good in lip glosses and lipsticks with a liquid texture, it should be added at the last moment and mixed well;
  • shadows with a shimmer effect — you can also use them to create an author’s lipstick.

Glitter lipstick can be colorless, but the product looks stylish in a variety of shades. You can choose an option for a carnival costume by adding a bright glitter of extreme color. Mica gives a soft mother-of-pearl effect, it can be combined with larger sequins.

Colorless lipstick

Long-lasting colorless lipstick can be used to protect your lips from the sun and wind, as well as as a base for makeup. It is prepared on the basis of wax and natural oils, with the addition of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This product is almost invisible on the lips, so it is suitable for a discreet business style. To make the lipstick have an additional beneficial effect, it can be prepared with the addition of a vitamin complex (A and E).

Semi-transparent lipstick on palm oil

Palm oil is often used to create cosmetics. When applied externally, it is safe and has a positive effect on the skin condition. As part of the lipstick, it gives the lips a soft shine and visually creates additional volume. It can be prepared according to the following recipe:

  1. Measure out the solid components: 6 g of wax (you can take different types) and 6 g of palm oil.
  2. Prepare the liquid fraction-it consists of natural oils (jojoba, grape seed, olive) in a volume of 6 ml, you can also add 0.5 ml of silicone.
  3. Cook the lipstick according to the basic scheme and pour it into tubes.

Lipstick with palm oil looks great in different shades. When working with ready-made dyes, it is better to wear protective gloves — these substances quickly stain the skin and are highly resistant.

Recipe without vaseline

Most lipstick recipes are offered without petroleum jelly. This substance is not intended for oral use, and part of the lipstick, even with careful application, ends up in the stomach. As a substitute, natural wax is used — it melts easily and holds well on the lips. There are a huge number of options for wax for cosmetics: beeswax, Carnauba, jasmine, Brazilian, and others. They can be found in specialty stores.

Vaseline Lipstick

However, you can try to make a remedy using this substance. The easiest way to make lipstick from vaseline is to combine it with a small number of loose shadows. It is better to pack the finished mixture in a small jar and apply it with a brush. For daily use, this option is not the most convenient and safe, but it will solve the problem of finding unusual shades for a costume party.

Lipstick made from wax crayons

To make lipstick, you will need a crayon of the desired shade, as well as liquid and solid oils. Chalk in this recipe replaces wax, so its proportions are calculated based on the volume of oils. The mixture is prepared in a water bath, gradually introducing the ingredients, and at the end add essential oils and sparkles. The color scheme of crayons is not wide enough, but you can combine them until you get the desired shade.

Chewing gum lipstick

Regular chewing gum retains dyes well, so it can be added to the composition of lipstick. In addition, it is safe and does not harm, even if you eat a small amount of it. Two chewing gums are heated in a water bath or in a microwave oven with the addition of dye, and then stirred and moved to a storage container. It is not recommended to add glitter to this recipe.

Useful tips and tricks

Masters who are engaged in creating natural cosmetics can give some tips on what can be made from ordinary lipstick and how to prepare it yourself. Here you can find the most relevant ones:

  • do not be afraid to use food coloring and flavorings: cinnamon, vanillin, fruit extracts and any other flavors remain on your lips for a long time;
  • lipstick can be not only beautiful, but also useful: aloe vera, vitamins, natural oils perfectly soften and moisturize the skin;
  • some essential oils can add volume as well as flavor to your lips, especially peppermint, coniferous, and cinnamon oils.;
  • vaseline and castor oils, as well as regular vaseline, are well absorbed into the skin, so adding them in small amounts will improve the durability of cosmetics.;
  • turmeric and sea buckthorn oil are particularly resistant to color, but are difficult to remove from the skin.

Natural cosmetics remain in fashion. To create a truly useful lipstick that will be no worse than a store-bought one, you do not need to attend special courses or be trained by professionals. All the necessary ingredients are sold in stores at an affordable price, and recipes are publicly available.

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