How to make your own lighted house address plaque

How to make your own lighted house address plaque

There are many reasons to have a lighted address plaque for one’s home. Ambulance drivers and rescue workers often complain of difficulty finding homes when they go out on calls, especially when the homes are set back a distance from the street. Also, one might simply want to make the address more noticeable so that guests are better able to find the house. But custom-made lighted address plaques are sometimes costly so why not make your own?

Perhaps the easiest way to make a lighted address plaque is to purchase the solar-powered lights that have recently become available in hardware stores. They are available in both numbers and letters and clip together to make your address. These lights have a solar cell and a rechargeable battery. During the day they charge in the sunlight, and at night they use the day’s charge. The upside to this product is that it works even in a power outage. The downside is that they do not charge well on cloudy days or if the solar cell has been covered by snow, and as a result, their usefulness is affected by the weather conditions.

Another approach is to make the address plaque yourself and wire it into the home’s electrical system. This requires skill and should not be done by a novice. Consult with an electrician concerning the feasibility of doing this for your home.

Decide what sort of light source will be used. Both fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures can be purchased at any hardware store. Fluorescent will be more expensive to purchase, but it will be cheaper in the long run because of the longevity of the bulbs and because fluorescent fixtures use less electricity, and it will also burn cooler. In addition, the fluorescent fixtures give off a more even light and will be more likely to make your entire address visible.

Another simple option would be to use a lighted exit sign that can be purchased from any hardware and building supply store. Remove the Exit sign from the case and replace it with your own address. An easy way to do this is to use a razor to cut out the address or message on a piece of non-transparent material such as thin plastic sheets or heavy foil.

Next, take a red or any other color transparency sheet and tape or glue it onto the backside of your address cut-out. Colored transparency sheets can be purchased at many art supply shops, at some office supply stores, and at most teacher supply stores. You might want to place a small sheet of glass on the outside of your box in order to protect it from the elements and prying fingers.

For a final touch, adding wooden stripping or molding to the edges and sides of your address plaque may make the plaque more attractive. You can make the sign as artistic or as plain as you wish whatever matches your decorating style. The main thing to remember is that the sign should be easily visible from the road.

For a final touch

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