How to make your own laundry products

How to make your own laundry products

Laundry day can be every day in many homes in this country.

If you think about the number of times you wash your own clothes during the week, then think about other households that wash as many times, if not more than your household. That is a lot of detergent filtering into our water and sewer systems.

Laundry day is a permanent fixture in all homes,but pollution from harsh washing chemicals can become a thing of the past. Natural substitutes are available. Some are even in your cabinet right now.

Let’s talk about vinegar.

Vinegar is a natural substance much to often overlooked for cleaning abilities. Vinegar makes a wonderful window cleaner as well as a all around household cleaner. Vinegar makes a great odor remover, and can even work as a non chlorine bleach in the wash.

To use vinegar as a chlorine bleach substitute you must dilute properly.

For a full load in the avergae washer use one cup of vinegar poured into a full washer tub.

Mix the vinegar in before you add the clothing. If you allow the washer to agitate for several seconds before adding clothing this allows the vinegar to properly mix.

Your clothing are on their way to being clean, bright, and with no odors.

For safety sake never mix chlorine bleach with vinegar. This will cause adverse effects on the clothing. Harmful vapors can also develope from vinegar and bleach mixed in the same tub. You must make sure to never attempt to mix these two products together.

Vinegar is also a useful tool in eliminating soap residue. Add one cup to your final rinse water. By adding the vinegar to your final rinse you have not only removed excess soap residue but brightened your clothing as well.

Another reason vinegar is so useful on Laundry Day is that it can do many things.

Vinegar breaks down uric acid therefore it is wonderful for baby clothes or any clothing which may be urine stained. Also by adding two cups of vinegar to your wash containing your towels or blankets, your linens will come out soft and very fluffy.

For those with sensitivity to washing products try adding baking soda and cornstarch to the laundry.

Take one cup of cornstarch and one half cup baking soda and mix well.

Use a wooden spoon if possible.

Add this mixture to a full washer of water.

Allow this to mix well.

It is prefered that you allow agitation to begin to ensure that the mixture breaks down in the water.

Add the clothing.

What you have is a homemade laundry product for washing.

This laundry soda is non irritating to even the most sensitive person.

By using this mixture you are also helping the environment.

Baking soda and cornstarch are completely safe and non toxic, therefore they will not pollute.

For homemade laundry starch you need a spray bottle, water, and cornstarch.

Mix one tablespoon of cornstarch with one pint of cold water.

Pour into the spray bottle.

Allow fifteen minutes for disolving the cornstarch in the water.

AFter you have poured the mixture in the bottle, shake well and spray directly on clothing.

Do not worry, this mixture will not scorch.

This mixture will not leave white residue like some commercial starches will.

Lemons and water make a wonderful fabric softner.

By juicing 4 lemons to every pint of cold water you are on the way to a wonderful fabric softner.

Add one teaspoon baking soda to the lemon mixture.

Shake well.

Add this mixture to your final rinse and you will be surprized at the wonderful results this produces. Your clothing is lemon fresh and soft also.

Lemon juice can also be added to a spritz bottle and sprayed on clothing that needs ironing.

You will get the scent of the lemon in the clothing, as well as an easier ironing day.

You can also add to a steam iron.

When you release the steam from the iron, you push the lemon scent into the clothing.

By adding this to your steam iron you will also be disolving lime sediment that has already collected in your iron.

Use the same recipe as above.

Juice four lemons to one pint of water.

Do not add the baking soda .

Pour into spray bottle ,shake well, and use.

Remember to remove all lemon seeds extracted in juicing.

If there is a smoker in your home you know how tough smoke odors are to remove.

Fill your bathtub with the hottest water possible.

Add four cups of vinegar.

Hang the smoke filled clothing over the bathtub and allow the vapors to completely evaporate from the clothing.

This method of odor removal also works instead of dry cleaning. For home dry cleaning you do not need harsh chemicals or kits. The only items you need are vinegar,cornstarch, hot water and a bathtub.

Fill the tub with very hot water.

Add five cups of vinegar and one cup of fresh lemon juice.

Add three tablespoons of cornstarch.

Make sure to mix well to make sure the cornstarch has disolved.

Hang your garmets above the tub to allow the vapors to clean the odors out.

The condensation from the steam provides a natural wrinkle remover as well.

Close the bathroom door and allow the clothes to hang over the vapors from the mixture until the water cools.

If odors have not been removed to your satisfaction, repeat the process one more time.

Explore the possibilities of non poluting laundry products. Not only are you cleaning your clothes, but you are preserving the environment at the same time.

All products mixed ahead of time will keep indefinately. It is always best to make these washing products fresh as you go. If you need to plan ahead in a pinch be sure to store all mixtures in airtight containers and away from the sunlight.

A cool place is also best for storage.

these products will break down in effectiveness if stored in a hot, brightly lit area.

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