How to make your own kite

How to make your own kite

If you are looking for a great craft project, you should consider making your own kite. If you have children, they will love getting involved and making a kite too. Plus, one of the greatest things about this craft is that you can actually use it when you are done making it. A kite is a relatively easy project, but there are many ways to elaborate on the basic design. There are actually several different types of kites, such as basic diamond kite (also known as a two-stick kite), a sled kite, a box or winged-box kite, or a delta kite (also known as a bat kite). While you can certainly buy a pre-made kite, or you can buy a kite-making kit from a hobby store, it is more fun to make one from the bottom up on your own. Here are directions for creating your very own diamond kite:

In order to make a diamond kite, you will need three bamboo sticks (one-foot tick, one two-foot stick, and one three-foot stick), white glue, rice paper, thread, and a large roll of kite string. There are actually several different materials that you can use to make a diamond kite, but the bamboo and rice paper combination is a great look even when you don’t have time to decorate or customize your kite. If you would like to, you can use plastic poles or wooden poles rather than bamboo, or you could substitute cotton, polyester, silk, nylon, or another fabric for the rice paper.

The first step is to assemble the cross for your diamond to be built upon. Your two-foot and three-foot bamboo sticks are going to form the cross. Hold the sticks together in a crossed position, and tightly wrap them using an “x” technique with a sturdy, thin rope. Once your cross is secured tightly with the rope so that the two bamboo sticks do not move, coat the cross with white glue. Allow the cross to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Step two is affixing the rice paper to your bamboo cross. First, form a diamond shape with rice paper (unless you can purchase rice paper by the yard, you will need to glue several pieces of rice paper together to make a large enough diamond to fit your cross). Use a hammer and nail to make small holes through your bamboo poles – hammer a nail through the bamboo sticks, then pull out the nail to make the holes. Next, use a needle and thread to attach your rice paper to the bamboo cross by threading through the holes that you made on the poles.

The last step is to attach a string from your diamond to your handle. To make your handle, cut the one-foot bamboo stick in half, and then tie the two sticks together so that your handle is two sticks thick. Tie the kite string securely around your bamboo handle, and tie the other end to the center of your bamboo cross. Make another knot at the bottom-most corner of your diamond, so that the kite string is anchored at three spots: the middle of the cross, the base corner of the cross, and the handle.

Once you have completed these three simple steps, your kite is ready to fly. However, feel free to decorate your kite in any way you wish. Many people like to have streamers and ribbons hanging off of the bottom-most corner of the diamond because they look lovely floating and swaying when the kite is up in the sky. You can also paint or stencil on the kite diamond, or add decorative accents such as rhinestones, glitter, or buttons to personalize it.

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