How to make your own kid bean bag chairs

How to make your own kid bean bag chairs

One of the greatest things that I had when I was a child was my beanbag chair. I love being able to just take it anywhere and sit. I could move it from room to room and I could even take it to other people’s houses when I was going to visit. One thing about bean bag chairs that you purchase from the store is that they are all pretty much the same size, and children are not. So I have come up with some great ideas for bean bag chairs for children that you can make in any size to fit any child large or small.

I like to look in the discount section of my local everything store. They will sometimes have some heavy upholstery material that is super inexpensive. I usually take all they have if it is a durable and soft material. I also like to find a great heavy denim material it is durable and easy to clean. You can get a vinyl but I have found that it can be hot in the summer and cold in the winter months.

Now what pattern are you going to use for your chair? I like to make what looks sort of like an ottoman. I get two circles approx 36 inches across and attach them together with a rectangular piece that is approx 10 to 15 inches wide. This will make a great chair for an average size child. For smaller children you need to just use smaller pieces of material, and for larger children just use larger pieces. I have also taken the material and just cut out different shapes with them and make chairs. Some examples would be stars, moons, spares, rectangles or triangles. Use your imagination and make great fun shapes for your kids and their friends to hang out on.

Now that you have decided on shapes for your chairs you need to decide what you are going to fill these chairs with. I know that at some craft stores you can get or order the little balls that these chairs are filled with, just call and inquire. I have found that the filling that some of the packaging and mailing places have these great peanuts that are inexpensive and can be used to fill the chairs with as well. All you need to do is contact them and ask them if they have the peanuts and how much. I have seen these extremely cheap.

Just remember that when you are making bean bags for your children, be creative, and have fun. Get the children involved in the making of the chair. Have them help you decide on the shapes and the material. They can also, if they are old enough, help you cut out the patterns. They can go with you to get the filling and putting it in the chair. This can be a great project for all of the family to enjoy.

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